Supporter the past. Courts have maintained that FCC

Supporter of net neutrality argue that a neutral Internet encourages everyone to innovate without permission from the phone and cable companies or other authorities. Resulting in increased levels of playing field for countless new businesses. Enabling unrestricted information flow ensuring essential to free markets and democracy as commerce and society increasingly move online. Extreme users of network bandwidth would pay higher prices without necessarily experiencing better service, including those who use less bandwidth could face the same situation.Networks owners believe regulation like the bills proposed by net neutrality advocates will impede U.S. competitiveness by stifling innovation and hurt customers who will benefit from ‘discriminatory’ network practices.

U.S. Internet service already lags behind other nations in overall speed, cost and quality of service, adding credibility to the providers’ arguments. Increasing the cost of heavy users of network bandwidth, telecommunication and cable companies and Internet service providers stand to increase their profit margins. Dissatisfied consumers could simply switch to providers who enforce net neutrality and allow unlimited internet use.NAF report asserts that lack of competition has enabled wired broadband carriers to charge higher rates, institute data caps, spend less on the capital expenditures needed to upgrade and maintain their networks than they have in the past. Courts have maintained that FCC has no authority to dictate how the internet operates. Furthermore the court indicates FCC saddled broadband providers with the same sorts of obligations as traditional telecommunication services, such as landlines phone systems, although the commission had explicitly decided not to classify broadband as a telecommunication system.

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Broadband provider would need to disclose how they treat all internet traffic and on what terms they offer rapid lanes and would be required to act in a reasonable manner. Providers would not be allowed to block website and the proposed rules would require internet service providers to disclose whether they had favoured their affiliated companies that provide content.FCC pursue for open internet.


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