Surface proved to give excellent results of imaging

Surface image microscopy is an advanced tool that allows generating volumetric images of high resolution of biological samples. It can create three dimensional view of sample of embryo at high contrast and high resolution. It is capable of providing more precise three dimensional view of embryo of a chick.

Also it has proved to give excellent results of imaging while dealing with three different vertebrate systems like mouse chicken and frog. There are various techniques which provide tools for producing high resolution image of small volumes or low resolution images of high volume. However SIM can be used to bridge this gap. The main step involved in this technique is: Fixing, labeling, infiltrating and embedding a fluorescently labeled specimen in a black polymer and then loading it into a motorized translation stage. The movement of the sample is controlled and synchronized by a computer over a diamond knife which removes a thin section of the sample and places it over objective lens for view.

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Then the image of the surface is captured by a CCD camera and the same process is repeated again. These aligned series of 2D images can be computationally reassembled into a 3D structure.


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