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Surname: MahlakwanaInitials: NStudent No: 216713524Subject Name: Foundation Academic and Language SkillsSubject Code: Title: The decline of communication due to technologyLecturer’s Name:Due Date: 04 May 2018IntroductionOne of the enormous problems of modern technology is their connection with an expanding number of people suffering from the shortage of live communication, despite the fact that people consume lot of time at their computers.

Our computers can damage the human ways of life, affect our mental state, and lead more to the individuality. Apparently, we have much more modes of communication with people due to the modern technologies, but in fact, we are starting to forget what the real communication means for any human.The InternetNever before have we had such free access to knowledge, entertainment, and news from around the world. At the same time, this comprehensive access led to the emergence of so-called information overload, because our brain is not accustomed to the constant flow of so much information. When we have information congestion, the brain tries to adapt.

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It tries to get used to the frantic rhythm and the state of constant congestion. That’s why when you try to distance yourself from the World Wide Web for a little while, life seems so slow and boring. When we become addicted to the Internet, we begin to live in a state of constant and unresolved stress and anxiety.

It becomes more difficult for us to allocate time for simple talking with our kith and kin at the table, to go to see our relative or to meet friends in a café. An excessive use of the Internet is directly associated with depression, we build our virtual world to live in. The websites designed to replace live communication, lead to psychological disorders, such as depression and Internet addictionSmartphonesDependence on the phone is a subset of the Internet addiction, which is very common in the modern world. We love smartphones, and if we cannot live a day without them, feeling uncomfortable. Thanks to smartphones, we can access the Internet from anywhere. We are always connected due to our gadgets. And if someone says that there is nothing wrong with such a super connection, then there will be those who will argue with this.

Checking mail, correspondence with friends, sending tweets, and surfing on the Internet can only briefly distract a person from problems. Unfortunately, this helps only in rare cases, and most often only distracts from the real life.Game AddictionAnother area of the Internet entertainment that can worsen the social communication is computer games.

Of course, you can play by simply enjoying the game, but based on the experience of many people, a gaming addiction is also worth taking into account as a real threat to health.Social NetworksWith moderate use, social networks are wonderful. They allow us to stay in touch with friends and family, participate in interesting discussions and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. It sounds cool. The dependence on social networks becomes a problem when people start to feel uneasy whenever they leave the zone of their own comfort.

Most often this state is described by the term of nomophobia, or fear of being without a phone.As we can conclude, too active use of the Internet causes a weakening of relations with family members and avoiding emotional contacts. The virtual reality itself can become a substitute for the real world. The Internet, replacing the usual tools of communication, replaces them with new ones, which causes the emergence of completely new forms of human interactions with the outside world.

Despite all the advantages of communication on the Internet, unlike communication in life, the Internet communication is more superficial.REFERENCING LIST


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