“Sweat” sleep – there will be more benefits.

“Sweat” begins on the night just before the exam .However, American researchers (what would students from all over the world do without them!) Have proved that before a responsible exam or a test it is better to get a good night’s sleep – there will be more benefits.

Scientists recommend using the night before the exam for sleepDr. Philip Alapat, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine, as well as the head of the medical center dealing with problems of sleep disturbance, strongly encourages all students to study diligently during the whole semester, and stop preparing for exams the most on the night before. And, before the exam, you must leave to rest for at least 8 hours of sleep.Here is such a truly naive advice received by students all over the world from an American scientist. “Restoring something in your memory and being able to maintain your concentration is greatly improved if a person rests,” said Eliheipt in an interview. ” If you prepare well in advance, and will be able to easily recall what you were taught, it will greatly improve your performance on exam ” .The professor noted that students should ideally rest from eight to nine hours a day, spending them on a night’s sleep, but most students sleep much less.

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” Any lengthy sleep disturbance affects your mood , energy level, and the ability to focus, concentrate and learn, which ultimately affects your academic performance ,” continues Elieypress, “discovering America.”Periodic night preparation for exams against the background of a constant consumption of caffeinated drinks leads to the fact that students risk starting to suffer from insomnia. In addition, according to the professor, this increases the risk of alcoholism and traffic accidents (is it possible that so many students get drunk before the exams?!). Philip Elieyepet warned students against permanent sleep disorders, since such a way of life can later affect the development of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other pathologies.During the next after a sleepless night of the day, a person will feel drowsy, which can be slightly facilitated by a cup of coffee, shattering, a slight deterioration in concentration and memory. Some feel a slight chill.

A person can suddenly fall into a dream in public transport, sitting in line with a doctor, for example. The next night there may be difficulties with falling asleep, this is due to an excess of dopamine in the blood, but the sleep will be strong.Definitely one, if you are asking a question like: what if you do not sleep all night on the eve of the exam? The answer is one – nothing good.

Sleepless night does not contribute to the readiness of the brain to the load. On the contrary, the thinking process will become slow, intellectual abilities will decrease. Absent and carelessness is satellites of a sleepy state. Of course, a person will look worse – the skin will be gray, bags under the eyes will appear some puffiness cheeks.Specialists note that it is enough to miss only the first 24 hours of sleep and brain disorders begin. German researchers noted the appearance of symptoms of mild schizophrenia: a distorted sense of time, sensitivity to light, wrong color perception, incoherent speech.

The emotional background begins to change; the longer a person does not sleep, the more exaggerated emotions become, the laughter is replaced by causeless sobbing.


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