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SWOT ANALYSIS The swot analysis is a study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal factor which is strengths and weakness, as well as its external factor which is opportunities and threats.STRENGTHS • Popularity• Easily recognized• A lot of finance• Customer loyalty WEAKNESS• Lack of popularity of some F&N’s drinks that most unknown and rarely seen• Low profile or non-existent advertising• Health issues THREATS • Changing health-consciousness attitude• Competition OPPORTUNITIES • Many successful brands to pursue• Advertise its less popular products• More recognition STRENGTHS F;N is recognizable company. Therefore, popularity is one of the superior advantages that can hardly be compared. This branding is clearly and easily identifiable and recognizable. Some people buy F ; N products, not just for taste, but also because they are widely accepted and they feel like unifying.

Therefore, it is a great idea to describe the popularity of F ; N. Furthermore, money is another thing that is the strength of the F ; N Company. He deals with a huge amount of revenue throughout the year. Just like any other business, they have gone up and down financially, but they have succeeded in this space and will continue to improve themselves. In addition, customer loyalty is another key strength of the F ; N Company. Many people are very loyal to F ; N. Customers will continue to buy this product, and may do so for a long time.

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WEAKNESSFirst of all, many F;N drink are less popular. Many of the drinks they produce are very popular, such as cola and sprite: but the company has almost 400 different drinks. Most noteworthy, existing purchases are rare. The main reason for lack of popularity is basically the result of low advertising. Two other disadvantages are health around the product. Everyone knows that hot products such as coke do not help your body and your health.

THREATS In fact, F;N leads the market, and it still needs to address many of today’s threats, and many people are constantly trying to change their eating habits and drinking. This may directly or indirectly affect the sale of F&N products and may threaten the status and success of the sale. Another competition for other beverages is another threat that F&N must face. Drinks such as juice, coffee and milk are a threat. They have great potential for success.OPPORTUNITIES F&N has many successful brands that must continue to be developed and pursued. The company also has the opportunity to promote less popular products.

With huge revenues, the company can introduce other beverages on the market. Rice identification is an important factor affecting the enthusiasm of coke competition. Now, F&N wants to get a more well-known brand name, which may get closer and closer to 100%


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