Syngene practice provides us to effectively manage samples

Syngene provides wide varieties of services in the chemistry and biology, which commonly includes Quality control, Discovery chemistry, Biology services and Clinical development and pre clinical processes. The digitalization and the information technology have been relentlessly working on to provide the best practices to overcome the regular compliances. Introducing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software in the regular practice provides us to effectively manage samples and associated data. The practice of a LIMS, in the lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and its related information. In addition to that we can produce reliable results more quickly and can track data from sequencing runs over time and across experiments to improve efficiency and quality of work flow.

The digital revolution Syngene has an extent to elaborate several set of modules and facilities in all the crucial deportment. The key productivity tools and applications in the respective deportment are listed below.Quality control: Chromeleon, Empower (CDS), Sample Manager LIMS, Class agent (CDS), OpenLAB ECM ,Enterprise Content Manager ,Mass hunter (GCMS), Mass Lynx (LCMS) and ParmaSpec.Discovery Chemistry: Mnova NMR (NMR Data Processing), ACD labs (Advanced Chemistry Development), TOPSPIN (NMR data Acquisition), Water NuGenesis SDMS (Data Management), ChemBio Office 2014,Structure Editor, Insight For Excel ( Integrated Excel with Structure editor), Ilabber(ELN),Science Cloud (ELN), Scifinder (Database), Reaxsys (Database).Biology: Graph Pad Prism (Statistical Analysis), Vector NTI, SEquencher, Clone Manager, Minitab (Statistical Analysis), Shipping.Clinical Development: SAS Office Analytics (Statistical Analysis), Watson LIMS (Laboratory Management System), Oracle Inform & Oracle Central Designer (EDC), Pharsight Phoenix Winnolin (Statistical Analysis).Pre Clinical: Labcat (Collection Analysis and reporting) and GraphPad Stamate( Statistical Analysis)

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