Synthesis obtained and re-crystallized from ethanol. Synthesis of

Synthesis of methyl 4 chloro benzoateA mixture of 4-chloro benzoic acid in 25 ml methanol, and then add con.

Sulfuric acid dropwise through a dropping funnel. The solution was heated to reflux for 6 hours, cooled to room temperature and poured into an equal volume of water. Synthesis of 4-chlorobenzohydrazideTake Methyl 4 chlorobenzoate and 25 ml ethanol and dropwise hydrazine hydrate mix well .The solution was heated at reflux temperature for 6-8 hours. The reaction mixture was cooled to room temperature.A white solid product is obtained and re-crystallized from ethanol.Synthesis of 4 –chloro- N’-(3-nitrobenzylidine)benzohydrazideEquimolar quantities of 3-nitrobenzaldehyde and 4–chloro- N (3-nitrobenzylidine)benzohydrazide dissolved in ethanol are taken in a round bottom flask and was refluxed for 3-4 hours and solid was used for the next step and the completion of reaction monitored by TLC. Synthesis of 2-(3-(4-Chlorobenzamido)-2-(3-nitrophenyl) -4 oxo-thiazolidine-5-yl)-acetic acid (B)A mixture of Schiff base and thiomalic acid in 1,4 dioxane was added to anhydrous ZnCl2 in RBF then heated for 22-24 hours.

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After completion of the reaction indicated by TLC.


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