Syrian creating division among these people. Also

Syrian WarCivil war in Syria originated from prodemocracy protests by the citizens and mostly those residing in the Arab spring, the southern city, Deraa in March 2011. Before the demonstrations, the citizens of Syria were complaining about increased corruption, unemployment and repression mostly of the government opposition by the president Al-Assad whose predecessor was his father (Max, 2016). The government responded to the demonstrations by using deadly force which resulted to nationwide protests requesting the resignation of the president.

The unrests was intensified by the opposition using arms to defend themselves and fire to the government security as a way expelling them from their residences. All this unrest led to civil war in the whole of Syria country. The war in Syria is taking too long. The regional and the superpowers in the world has worsened the situation.

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These external powers has given financial and military support to the government or the opposition. This has empowered these antagonists to continue in war. Additionally, Jihadist military that came from the Islamic state have also increased the war strength by creating division among these people. Also there are Shia militia men coming from Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan who have fought Syria saying they are protecting their holy grounds. The war has contributed to the massive killing of the people and displacement of others from their motherland. The UN statistics shows that at least 250,000 people have been killed by 2015. The number has been increasing since that time. People run away to flee death to other neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Those who are left and don’t have ability to flee are killed and sometimes dies under too much suffering. In accordance to UN, about 5 million people have fled to neighboring states due to the great refugees’ exoduses. Europe has also become a home for the fled refugees (Steven, e& Kimiko, D. (2015). The exoduses has led to division of the European countries as they think how to help each other in solving this expanding problem. Additionally, around 6.3 million people have been internally displaced in Syria. The displacement out of fear that they may be killed.

The parties involved in the war have also refused to allow humanitarian agencies from accessing places with the people to help them. This denial has also forced people to find ways of escaping and therefore leaving their lands and properties behind. The woman, girls and the children are the most affected by the Syrian civil war. According to the UN statistics, a bigger portion of the 5 million who have fled from Syria, is made of women and children. Bana Alabed in her book Dear world: A Syrian Girl’s story of war and plea for peace requests the world to intervene by helping to get back peace in Syria. Bana who is a twitter activist shows the suffering that they are facing in Syria as girls and the need of immediate pledging of peace (Megan, 2017).

During the exodus time, the chances of the women being raped were high. Others were killed even after being raped on the way to moving to the neighboring countries. In addition, there a lot of suffering by women because most of them are always travelling with their children. Moreover, the children are also affected as they sometimes die during the displacement and the suffering is too much that they cannot withstand, causing more deaths.                 ReferencesMegan, S. (2017). Bana al-Abed: From a Syrian War Zone to New York City.

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