SYSTEM the errors. Testing is process of

SYSTEM TESTINGWe do testing to discover the errors. Testing is process of trying to discover the errors and every faults or weakness side of products. Through testing we can check the functionality of each components, all sub assemblies, its is some sort of exercise the software. Software system meets the requirements of users expectations and their acceptance.TYPES OF TESTINGUnits testingThis is test case that validate all the internal program logic and function properly, each and every branch and internal code flow should be validated, and it is the testing of individual unit before put together, this rely on construction of structure and test as specification.INTEGRATION TESTINGThis is to test the integrated software components to determine whether they really run as program, and this more concern about basic outcome of screen or fields. The combination of components is correct and consistent.

This specially proposed at exposing problem arise from the combination of components.FUNCTIONAL TESTINGThis is about to provide systematic demonstrations that functions tested are available as specified by the business and technical requirements, and user manual.Function testing is aimed followingsValid output—— valid output must be acceptedInvalid input——invalid input must be rejectedFunctions —– functions must be exercisedOutput——- output must be checked and exercisedSYSTEM TESTINGThis is about to ensure the entire integrated system meets requirements. It test configuration to ensure a known and predictable results.WHITE BOX TESTINGThis is testing about in which the software tester has knowledge of the inner workings, structure and languages of the software.

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BLACK BOX TESTING This is about testing the software without any knowledge of the inner workings, this is other kind of testing , must be written from a definitive source document, as requirement document, and this is software under test is treated as black box. You cannot to “see” into it.TESTING OBJRECTIVESVerify that entire are correct of correct formatNo duplicate entries should be allowedAll links should take the user to the correct pageACCEPTANCE TESTINGHere user acceptance is critical thing and it is all project ad require significant participation by the end user. It also ensure the system meets the functional requirements.And all test cases mentioned above should be passed successfully.


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