TABLE OF CONTENTINTRODUCTION2MISSION STATEMENT2VISSION STATEMENT2OUR VALUES3OUR STRATEGIES3OBJECTIVES3BUSINESS PLANS4OUR SERVICES4MANAGEMENT TEAM4MARKET ANALYSIS5COMPETITORS5MARKETING AND SALES5INTRODUCTIONDoing laundry has always been a time-consuming routine that people have come to accept as a need. As such, we have always looked for more convenient ways of completing this dreary task. While we can do our laundry with much more ease today, there is still the time-consuming issues of separation clothes before washing, folding them neatly to ensure they don’t wrinkle, ironing our important garments. “Loads of Bubbles” is a start-up Laundry enterprise to be established in the heart of Hulhumale’, owned by two phenomenon and ambitious sisters who comes with enthusiastic wealth of knowledge and experience to meet our client’s need. “Loads of Bubbles” will be open seven days a week. The services will encompass all laundry care and cleaning value based activities, namely; spotting, washing, dry cleaning, pressing, folding and pick-up and delivery service. MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of “Loads of Bubbles” is to establish valued relationships with its clients by providing them with convenient, professional, efficient, effective dry cleaning and laundry service. We wish to topple our competitor and become the number one Laundry servicing company in the Maldives.

VISSION STATEMENTOur vision is to provide our clients efficient 24 hours laundry service with an affordable rate.OUR VALUESThe business will be guided by the following values and principles:HygieneEfficiencyEffectivenessTimelinessIntegrityTrustworthinessHonestyTeamworkProfessionalismDelivering valueOUR STRATEGIESTo embrace world-class practices ; invest in latest technologyTo provide consistent laundry business solution in any related field.To attract and grow our people to be the finest talents in the industryTo provide fast and efficient service.To ensure high customer satisfaction.OBJECTIVESShort term objectives will encompass the following:To source finance for the business to run smoothly and to reach break-even within 3 months of operation.Procure capital equipment and finance the working capital requirements of the businessSet up processes, procedures and systems for the businessSet up the teamThe medium-term objectives of the business will be as follows:To penetrate the market further and compete more efficiently and effectivelyTo position the business as a convenient and reliable washing/dry cleaning and laundry services businessThe long-term objectives of “Loads of Bubbles” encompass the following:To grow the business to cater for Capital City Male’ and other areas of the country where the population and the working households are high in numbers.

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To further diversify the business by offering additional related servicesBUSSINESS PLANSummary”Loads of Bubbles” is a start-up partnership company, located in the heart of Hulhumale’. The purpose of this business plan is to raise $9500.00 USD, in order to finance for the purchase of equipment’s for the business to run smoothly. OUR SERVICES SpottingWashingDry cleaningPressingPick-up and delivery serviceMANAGEMENT TEAMFathimath Shabnam Rasheed, Co-Founder and CEOOwnership with 51% of shares.

Handles day-to-day operations, sourcing and negotiations.Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business AdministrationAssociate Degree in Shariah and LawZoya Rasheed, Co-Founder and Vice-PresidentOwnership with 49% of shares.Handles daily administration and Human Resources department.

Holds MSc Accounting and Finance Management (UWE)MARKET ANALYSISThe people doing jobs who have high monthly income and businessmen whose income is more than an average yearly income. The students of Local universities are also a target market and by introducing some student’s packages we will also try to capture as much as we can. We have also segmented our target market in the form of segmentation.

We have a special package for the senior citizens. In the markets every firm whether product or service oriented have target market. COMPETITORSThe only competitor in Maldives is The Laundry. Why Should You Chose “Loads of Bubbles”?”Loads of Bubbles” have pick-up and delivery within 24 hours service. We are planning to have a mobile application where clients can fix a pick-up and delivery date using their smart phones.MARKETING AND SALES”Loads of Bubbles” will market its services through the following methods and sales channels.PostersFliersTV adsInternet adsSocial mediaSeasonal marketingTradeshow marketingHowever, it’s been revealed that the best method of advertising is through word-of-mouth. No major newspaper ad campaign is planned but, we shall run weekly specials.

In addition, we shall have an incentive programs for referrals. Those customers who refer someone else to the store will be rewarded with two free washes, and the referee will receive an introductory gift of a free wash. In addition, we will ensure reliability and friendly, prompt services.


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