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CONCLUSION6REFERENCES7INTRODUCTION In this era, electronic gadgets and their technology is growing rapidly. The demands in advanced technology increases faster than you can think of. Luckily it is possible to achieve that particular goal in this lifetime since human beings need to communicate with each other in order to keep in touch and share their memories together even when they are not face to face. Groups of engineers are coming up with many ideas for people to communicate with each other in a more manageable and easier way. Fortunately, now there are more ways of communicating and sharing data with the people around you or those who are far away.

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For those who are nearby to share information with the people they know, there is a technology called the Bluetooth technology that is able to make that possible. The content or information to be shared will be in the best quality if it is used.The Bluetooth technology was introduced in the year 1989 by a Swedish medical doctor, scientist and inventor named Johan Ullman and by Nils Rydneck, CTO at Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden. According to Melanie Pinola (2017), “Bluetooth is a wireless technology which allows devices to communicate, or transmit data or voice, wirelessly, without hassle over a short distance.” Bluetooth has already been embedded into most of the electronic devices that support it.

For example, it is found in most smartphones, to loudspeakers, to loudspeakers and more. Bluetooth does not depend on internet connection as long as the devices are Bluetooth compatible and are not far away from each other as it experiences a two-way communication.HISTORY OF THE TECHNOLOGYIt is said that “Bluetooth” originally got its name from King Harald Blatand, a Danish king. It was said that King Harald had a “blue tooth” due to the amount of blueberries he always snacked on although it was also claimed that he violently ate the flesh of his enemies (assumed they were frozen) which would leave blue dye on his teeth and thus he was given the nickname “Bluetooth”. King Harald was also known for bringing warring factions together in what we call now Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

According to Sam Biddle (2012), “uniting devices from different manufacturers and with different purposes, like computers from Apple and mice from Microsoft, is what Bluetooth technology is all about – all at a low cost, with low power consumption and a secure connection every time”. Bluetooth’s logo was taken from the Old Danish runes of H and B.Photo retrieved from 3. CHARACTERISTICS OF BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGYThis technology particularly operates with 1MB per second transmission which exploits the maximum available channel bandwidth.

It has fast frequency hopping and adaptive output power to lessen interference. Other than that, the Bluetooth technology uses short data packets to maximize capacity during interference and the technology is fast at acknowledging. Flexible packet types are available in this technology to support a wide application range which enables a better performance.THE NETWORK ARCHITECTURE OF BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGYThe architecture of the Bluetooth is based on a symmetric master/slave design, in which the Bluetooth hardware can be either the master or the slave in its own setup.Photo retrieved from

in/onsiteDocumentsDirectory/Bluetooth/Bluetooth/Help/Technology%20Overview.htm Piconet is formed when two or more units forming the same channel. Piconet is a point-to-multipoint connection and the channel is shared among several Bluetooth units. For this case, one Bluetooth unit becomes the master while the other units are the slaves. Only up to seven slaves are allowed to be active in a piconet with the other slaves being locked to the master in a parked state.

Thus, the parked slaves cannot be active but must remain in sync to their master. Overall, both the active and parked slaves’ channel access are controlled by the master.Scatternet is formed when one Bluetooth unit acts as a slave to another piconet to become a bridge for both networks.

Multiple piconets with overlapping coverage areas form a scatternet. A scatternet supports communication between more than 8 devices. In this case, each piconet can only have a single master but slaves are allowed to participate in different piconets on a time-division multiplex basis.

However, a master in one piconet can be a slave in another. A different frequency hopping sequence is a way to identify each piconet, so all users participating on the same piconet are synchronized to this hopping sequence. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BLUETOOTHIndividuals who frequently utilize Bluetooth are totally sworn by it, particularly in light of the fact that the information exchange speed that is given is exceptionally worthy. Since various gadgets can communicate with each other effortlessly, there are not really any similarity issues while utilizing it and this makes it a considerably more alluring prospect.

In any case in spite of this there are a couple of disadvantages too and there are some users who feel that there are few sectors that it can be improved.AdvantagesThe best feature of the Bluetooth technology is wireless and it has no charges. It is very simple to use. Bluetooth does not require a viewable pathway between the synchronized gadgets. This implies that the gadgets do not have to face each other, and it is likewise conceivable to complete exchanges when both the gadgets are in different rooms. This technology requires no links and wires is something that has made it so famous.

With such a significant number of gadgets overwhelming our lives today, the requirement for clutter-free innovation is winding up more extraordinary. The most extreme range that it offers is 100 meters; however this range isn’t the same for every connection. It relies upon the gadgets type and the operation that they work upon. The processing and battery control that it requires to work is low. This makes it a perfect tool for such a significant number of electronic gadgets, as the innovation can be actualized basically anyplace. One significant advantage is its simplicity of utilization.

Anybody can figure out how to connect and sync two gadgets easily. In addition, this technology totally allowed to utilize it free and requires no charges to be paid to any specialist co-op. This technology also uses frequency hopping which make sure that other wireless network doesn’t interfere during an ongoing operation.DisadvantagesIn spite of the fact that the exchange speeds are pretty good at around 25 Mbps, certain different technologies like Wi-Fi Direct can offer speeds up to 250 Mbps.

This is a territory that can be enhanced. While the topics still controversial, there are individuals who trust the microwave radiation the telephones transmit can cause such issues as cancer and Alzheimer’s malady from prolonged use. The battery usage while a basic exchange is insignificant, however there are a few people who leave the option running on in their gadgets. This definitely consumes a lot of the power, and brings down the battery life significantly. Despite the fact that the security is great, it is far better on Wi-Fi Direct. This can be accounted to the (similarly) bigger scope of Bluetooth and furthermore to the absence of a viewable pathway. Somebody who knows how to hack such systems can do as such in the long run.CONCLUSIONUltimately the points are pretty clear that the Bluetooth technology eliminates the hassle of cradles and cables and it enables the easy device recognition and communicate spontaneously.

The advantages of this technology effortlessly exceed any negative angles. Bluetooth is broadly utilized by a huge number of individuals from all around the globe, and it is certain to spread significantly further as time passes by. The usability and comfort that it offers is unmatched, and it is just a short time before each and every electronic gadget in our home makes utilization of this innovation.

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