Table everybody all this suffering and gore”1. “Before

Table of ContentsWritten Media Product: Poem by Con O’Drisceoil from County Cork* Analysis of Parts of the poem * The poem’s connection to Shakespeare’s play  ” King Lear”* Literary DevicesVisual Media Product: Art piece by Edwin Austin Abbey * Image  at the ‘special exhibit’ running at The Metropolitan Museum of Art* Analysis of Image* Media Codes: Colours, Lighting, Attire* Literary DevicesIt is quite a lengthy poem so I chose parts of the poem that have a strong correlation with Shakespeare’s play ” King Lear”. Con O’Drisceoil  continues this trend with some wry comments throughout the play “You scholars of English one question I’ll ask….

He’d have saved everybody all this suffering and gore”1. “Before I hand over this rich legacy You must tell me how much you admire me,” said he” Which of you shall we say doth love us most?”(1.1.50)This refers to when King Lear had asked his 3 daughters to express their love for him. —————————————————————————————————————————2.

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Three daughters he had in the course of his life Although we’re not told what befell his poor wife I’ll bet she ran off to avoid going insane After years of enduring that pompous oul pain Lear’s pride blinds him and he again sides with his other daughters’ flattery. The stark consequence of Lear’s rashness is accentuated at the end of the first scene as Regan and Goneril decide to “hit together”; thus creating a strong sense of foreboding. Lear’s tragic flaw-pride, undoubtedly results in Lear’s fundamental misuse of power, which culminates in his life and his kingdom moving further out of his control.This part of the quote really reflects on Lear’s character….

” But the stupidest moron in all of Shakespeare was that old King of England, the man they call Lear “3.”Edgar stabbed his half-brother, that devious oul crook And the shock killed his Daddy, that’s Gloucester’s oul Duke Cordelia was hanged by a treacherous jailer Lear died when it struck him that he was a failure “After Edgar mortally wounds his wicked brother, Edmund, he says “the gods are just” (5.3.176) This portion of the poem summarizes the tragedy that has occurred thus far in the novel  ( where we have read in the class)Irony:If he only had snuffed it a few years before He’d have saved everybody all this suffering and goreAllusion:Othello you know was a gullible dupe And Hamlet’s delaying landed him in the soup Metaphor/Personification: But they never got to be powerful and rich Overcome as they were by a lecherous itch Personification: For Edgar’s half-brother they both wished to own The same man for the power of his pelvis was known Written:* Symbolic: “At the Donkey and Crown where he drank every night The locals all knew poor old Lear wasn’t bright The name of the bar itself can describe Lear in as little words as possible. Visual : * Technical: 3.

Facial Expressions & Body Language 4.Lighting & Colour 5.Positioning of characters/objects within the frame* Symbolic: Cordelia in this art piece looks very similar to someone very well known.

.. can you guess who?Hint: Someone known to be kind and loving in our faith and is usually depicted wearing the same attire that Cordelia is wearing in this oil paintingChristian interpretation of Cordelia’s character—Cordelia does seem to demonstrate Christian virtues such as mercy, charity, and honesty. these are also some of the powerful themes that this play lacks. However, a theme that IS evident is Justice( and the lack of it at times well). The reason I chose this as my theme is because I felt that it was insinuated well from both  the written and the visual mediums that I chose; whether it be justice or the lack of it.


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