Tablet and want these new technologies. Thus

Tablet or ipad Internet access, games and applications that permit guests to require management (heating systems, air con, lighting, TV, music, and control the curtains) to create restaurant reservations, order space service and order airline tickets.Free High Speed Internet Access Internet Access with high speed at no cost in-room and within the public areas.Virtual concierge Touch screen with all the knowledge concerning the city: restaurant tips, flight influx and departures and driving instructions via these devices to guests.Xbox 360 Consoling Kinect detector that uses body gestures and voice recognition to manage entertainment and games.In-room Interactive mirror/wall A host of applications (to head to web, to see movies, to individualize space with photos, etc.)In-room interactive table Touch screen with web games and numerous multimedia applicationsWith all the most recent technologies recently tested and enforced in hotels worldwide, it is important to know if customers of upscale hotels need and want these new technologies.

Thus it’s necessary to understand what the impact of the most recent technological facilities is on customer experience in upscale hotels, that one’s the guests actually need to possess obtainable and also the ones which will enhance their expertise. This is another reason of this study.Importance- Performance (Satisfaction) ModelThe Importance-Performance model is a central tool utilized by managers to develop a strategic arrange for the corporate, to assist researchers to recognize improvement opportunities and to judge a firm’s competitive position within the market (Martilla ; James, 1977; Hawes ; Rao, 1985; Myers, 2001). It is an easy matrix, created by Martilla and James (1977) to spot that product or service attributes an organization should target so as to reinforce customer satisfaction (Matzler, Bailom, Hinterhuber, Renzl, ; Pichler, 2004). The Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) is also referred to as the Importance – Satisfaction (IS) model since satisfaction is measured to be a main gauge of service quality (Tonge ; Moore, 2007; Aktas, Aksu ; Çizel 2007; Matzler, Sauerwein ; Heischmidt, 2003). With this tool it is attainable to investigate two dimensions of customer attributes: importance and satisfaction (performance). It’s a two-dimensional matrix making it very simple to analyze, take out suggestions and be aware of the results.

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According to Hansen and Bush (1999) the understanding of this matrix is very simple: the means of importance-satisfaction (performance) divide the matrix into four quadrants.Quadrant AHigh importance low satisfaction”Focus Here” Quadrant BHigh importance high satisfaction”keep up the good work”Quadrant CLow importance low satisfaction”Low priority” Quadrant DLow importance high satisfaction”Possible over kill”Importance- Satisfaction Matrix


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