Taco from their competitors Taco Bell used

Taco Bell serves over 2 billion customers at their 7,000 locations across America annually. Taco Bell is one of America’s best fast food chains and is one of the leading Mexican food restaurants in America. Taco Bell’s factors that contributed their early success is that they had a different type of product than their competitors had back when they first opened, while everyone else was selling hamburgers, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in San Bernardino, California. Taco Bell was one of the first fast food restaurants to offer free drink refills and have a value menu.

Also the design of the exterior of the building was to represent the California missions which also set them apart from their competitors Taco Bell used regular advertising like television commercials and simple print ads. They also used social media to do direct marketing through, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Taco Bell sent their employees kits containing tee shirts promoting the Doritos Locos Tacos so that would give the product more advertising through the employees.

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