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Take a moment to imagine a young, teenage blogger. She has the weight over her shoulders of dealing with thousands of people following her on social media. Most of the time she’s unhappy, getting low grades in classes, she’s always in a bad mood, and barely hangs out with her friends. On the other hand, when she’s on her social media accounts she turns into a new person. She puts up an act to make her followers believe that she’s living a perfect life.

This girl is suffering from depression, and the sad thing is that she doesn’t even realize it. The use of social media has expanded dramatically all over the world in the last couple of years. This is because people want an easier and fun way to communicate with their friends and family. Not only does social media allow communication, but it also allows younger people to explore different cultures throughout the world. Unfortunately, social media can cause consequences such as anxiety, stress, depression, and changes in behavior.

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Social media is any kind of website that allows communication among individuals. It can impact an individual in a positive or negative way. It’s a tool that can dramatically change the way that a person views society. An example of social media impacting society in a negative way is through cyberbullying. Cyberbullying occurs when a person is harassing, tormenting, bullying, and sometimes even threatening another person through any form of social media. Lack of privacy is another issue when having social media.

This is because when a person makes any kind of social media account that person is agreeing to that certain company to access personal data such as email address, gender, passwords,job, etc… The reason they want access to a person’s personal data is because they use that information to know their certain preferences. Even if some social media sites have an age restriction, it’s easy for a young adolescent to lie and say that they are older than what they really are. This can increase the possibility of that adolescent being exposed to explicit material such as bad language and nudity.


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