Talk the supermarkets and people have to eat

Talk ShowInterviewer: Welcome to the ________ show, today we have human rights activist_________________.

Welcome to the show.___________: Thank you for having me here todayInterviewer: have your human rights ever been violated before?___________: yes, when I was 10 years old I was bullied very badly. Interviewer: what encouraged you to be a human rights activist?__________: When I was 18 I studied in Cambridge. So I was walking to school when I saw an asian person being discriminated. He was being charged more like 10 to 20 pounds just because of his raceInterviewer: what all countries do you think violates human rights-__________: I think that Russia, Venezuela and Syria are the countries that violate human rights the most.Interviewer: why do you think that these countries violate human rights_____________: Different countries have different reasons.

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Venezuela violates human rights because the current president Nicolas Maduro, though he promised that he would provide the citizens with everything, instead now there is nothing In the supermarkets and people have to eat from garbageRussia also violates the human rights because the President Vladimir Putin has been incorporating some elements of economic liberalism, a lack of transparency in governance, cronyism, nepotism and pervasive corruption.Syria also violates the human rights becauseare accused of arresting democracy and human rights activists, censoring websites, detaining bloggers, and imposing travel bans. Arbitrary detention, torture, and disappearances are widespread.

Although Syria’s constitution guarantees gender equality, critics say that and discriminate against women and girls. Moreover, it also grants leniency for so-called ‘Honour killing’. Interviewer:thank you for being on our show _____________: it has been a pleasure.


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