Task employees. Professional development and training. Motivate the

Task – 01Any organization will consist with different business functions. Identify and assess the core business functions of BestTec Printing Services (LO1 1.1) What is the business functions?A process or process that is regularly performed to carry out the mission of an organization. The functions of each department are as follows.

01.) Human Resources, Human Resources is the most important business function. This is the department that deals with employees. Its main responsibilities are,Recruitment & select new employees.Professional development and training.Motivate the staff.Keeping record of present & old employees.Liaison with employees & trade unions.

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Concern about employees health and safety.Dismissal, Redundancy and managing compensation & payroll.02.) Research & Development,This R&D function is concerned with developing new products or processes and improving current process or product. R & D activities should be closely coordinated with the organization’s marketing activities to ensure that the organization provides exactly what its consumers want in the most efficient, effective and economical way. However, this function has important responsibilities. They are,Developing business plans, services or product.Product testing.

Cost saving.Analyzing product improvements.Value added.03.) Marketing,Marketing function is most important for business or an organization. Frankly speaking, Marketing is concerned with identifying and satisfying consumers needs at the right price.

Marketing involves researching what consumers want and analyzing how the organization can satisfy these wants. Its key activities are,Analyzing pricing strategies.Analyzing product placement.

Improve customer promotion strategies.Doing advertising campaign.04.) Sales,Sales are critical function for all business. The sales department deals with selling of service or products. Sales include direct interaction with customer services.Keeping customer records up to datePreparing financial terms or business customersSelling the productsResponding to customer enquiriesOrganizing sales promotionAnalyzing sales strategies04.

) Finance ; Accounts,This is the most important function of the business or an organization. The key activities of the finance function can be introduced.Financial record keeping of transactions involving monetary inflows or outflowsPreparing the payroll and paying wages and salaries.Preparing management accounting information and analysis to help managers to plan, control and make decisions.Preparing financial reports for reporting shareholders.

(income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet)Links with all other functional areas.05.) Administration ; ITThere are main responsibilities of Administration ; IT function,Maintaining the current system.

Automation and develop a computer system.Designing processes managing data.Improving clerical work, such as reporting, recording, record keeping, communication etc.Develop and improve security.Providing software and information technology and engineering services.Organize meeting and preparing meeting documents.

06.) Production ; Operation The Production and operation function undertakes the activities necessary to provide the organization’s products or services.Maintenance of equipment and plantControl of inventoryDeciding the good production methods and factory layout.Production scheduling and planningSupervision and control of the production workforceManaging product quality07.) Customer Services,The customer service deals with customer’s information, advice and service. Its main responsibilities are,Providing support services to consumers after purchase of good or service.

(After sales services)Offering a call center services.Offering advice to customers.Handling customer enquiries.Public and publicity relations.Dealing with consumer complains.Providing warranty support and installing product.However, BestTec Printing Services is specializes in providing printers and consumables to public sector organizations, educational establishments and professional services companies. Further, BestTec Company supplying new printers for their clients.

In addition to that, BestTec Company also offer reconditioned printers and repair services.There are types core business function in BestTec Company. They are, 1.2 Evaluate the BestTec ‘s business aims and illustrate how they relate to stakeholders (LO1 1.2) There are stakeholders in any institution.

Naturally, the Supply Chain Department that controls the stakeholders. From producers to suppliers, a wholesale trader was introduced to the consumer through the process of wholesale trade, information and money. It is to coordinate and integrate between companies and companies. BestTec printing company has a variety of stakeholders. In this business, there are several goals to achieve. Objectives some work has to be done to achieve the stakeholders’ objectives. When they are targeted, they have three main objectives,The business has a good annual turnover, but its profit is $ 40000.Bad business for growing businesses is about 3%.

It is necessary to build a good customer base.This is where the new business is about starting a new business and needs new stakeholders and has a good effect on the business. 3D Printing is the world’s printing press. They have been printed as a printing company, a printing company, and the market has the advantage of traveling with new technology. A stakeholder is very important for the organization for their various roles.

All people connected to the business are called share ownership. A party can be a consumer or supplier, employee or government. They all have a major impact on the business. The following section I will mention about various stakeholders of Best Tec.

And they will contribute to the success of the business in the future.DirectorsIn simple terms, it is responsible for the determination of the company’s policy of a member appointed or elected by the company and with other Directors to implement it. A director of a company should be a shareholder (shareholder) or an employee of a company and only a director (eligible for a board of directors). Based on suggestions made at the meetings of the Directors, they must obtain their authority from the Corporate Code and Company Societies.Director’s main objectivesThe director has a power of control.Their power and position are spreading as the business grows.Decide on the decision maker and the strategy designer.How do they contribute?Best tec has good management and directory system for that reason they are doing good business and future they will continue this practice.

For bad management system they faced great loss in their dark ages.ShareholdersShareholders are often called shareholders. Shareholders are individuals or entities with the legitimate right to share certificates for a corporation. When it comes to constituting an enterprise, it forms a corporate statute with the state government. New inventions include laws, laws, and stock information.

Shareholders Main objectiveShareholders share business profitability and success through a realistic share priceShareholders retake dividends after tax return.How do they contribute?If the company wants more funds to expand its business, shareholders will have to pay more. Dividends will be paid to shareholders.

This can also lead to Best tec company goals.CustomersImagine buying a food from a grocery store, becoming a customer, paying a mobile phone bill, buying a cup of coffee from a local store, or buying a new computer. A customer is buying or buying goods or services purchased by any company for having a company or a company interested in buying it. When you buy a bill or buy something from a store, you will be their customer.Already a customer, consumer or buyer. Generally, a customer depends on sales, commerce and the economy.

It will be service, good, product or idea. Customer can not be a customer. Consumer purchases goods and the consumer uses them. The company produces substandard products and will provide what the customer needs.

Usually there are three basic types of customers.Current customersPast customersPotential customersCostumer’s Main objective Customer service is truly excellent. Customers always get good feedback.Home service providers provide customers with additional benefits. Bonuses will be granted and the winners will be rewarded.The best-of-the-way from buying goods and services is a ‘value for money’.How they will contribute?Customers get their share of print and copying and offer lucrative and unique features to attract the best Test customers.

It makes it easy for company goals.SuppliersIt is not unusual for suppliers to provide volumes of discounts when they sign long-standing contracts or order large quantities. There will be suppliers in any type of business.

Large-scale suppliers are plentiful in the retail industry, and their customers may be able to produce and offer a large amount of products. Supply companies also work in small markets, such as packaged foods, ethnic or cultural goods, and exports. Normally, all types of exporters of this type of exporters should handle all information for delivery and distribution of the product, and include the applicable costs inclusive of the final charges incurred by the client. International trade relations between suppliers and its customers are governed by an international supply contract.A person or team providing a chain of materials, products or services to create a product. The supplier needed to change the order, and they liked to kindly and help. Provision of a business supply business or individual with products or services used in a business. When we deal with BestTec printing companySupplier’s Main objective They offer products and a reasonable price in Best tec.

The Best tec authorities pay them quickly and fully.How they will contribute?In the future, the supplier will provide new products that will attract the attention of the consumer and enable the Best tec printing company to achieve the goals.WorkforceThe number of employees is helpful when you talk about people working or working to work.

That is the workforceWorkforce main objective All employees receive a fair wageThey help the Authority to expand their customers and business in a very efficient way. They are very friendly and decorativeHow they will contribute?The best tech employees are always committed to providing a better service and are willing to improve their reputation. In the future, they will carry out the work. It can also make the Best Tec Company succeed.CommunityCommunity main objective With the opening of a new warehouse, Best tec provides a new job opportunity for the communityAlways try to minimize environmental pollution and create a healthy environment for office workersHow they will contribute?In the near future, new store openings will help the community.VendorA trader is a business or a person who supplies goods or services to a company. When the goods or services are usually required, the company issues purchase orders. Price, delivery date and other terms.

The seller provides goods or services to send the invoice to the company. The company then compared the purchasing order and the customer’s invoice and record. Once their agreements are signed, the company can make payments for the seller. Task-022.

1 Analyze the impact of implementing an E Commerce Solution for BestTec Printing Solutions, from the aspect of Customers and from the aspect of the Organization. This should discuss the risk of the implementation also. (LO2 2.1) What is E Commerce?E-Commerce (e-commerce or e) is the purchase and sale of goods and services or the transmission of funds or data through an electronic network.

This business involves the business to the business from a business to a customer, a consumer or a consumer. E-commerce and e-businesses can often be exchanged. The word tail is sometimes used for online shopping.-+ Figure 2.1.1By using this e-commerce platform, a company can achieve great benefits.

It also benefits the customer serving from the same company. This way, we use this e-commerce company to benefit the Best tec printing company and its customers. They can be explained in this way.Impact of introducing an e-Commerce system to an organizationE-commerce has changed the way the world is doing business, and gives consumers the convenience of easy, choicer and lower prices for their businesses, and the ability to sell them to the global market. There is much to gain from gaining an e-commerce system for an organization with a high target market.

What is Consumer Impact?The empowerment of people on the Internet has a huge positive impact on consumers around the world. Customers have been more powerful than ever before, and they can profit from anywhere in the world through buying and exchange rates anywhere in the world, since they are able to purchase products that are cheaper than the cheapest price for a local store. Economic changes around the world.Online sales- This is easier than normal shopping.

Customers have comfortable shopping experience and high quality products. Customers save their time by shopping online. When shopping on normal shopping it is necessary to stop parking for the vehicle and queue up to queue.

Sometimes you have to find different shops for different products and sometimes you will not find it. Online shopping can save you time and you can take home items from your E commerce website.Greater choice- There is a wider choice of what one can shop for on the Internet. However, if someone is ordering online ordering, they open the global market to buy an illegal machine. Certainly, there are costs associated with transportation costs outside your own company and problems with international trade.

However, the choice of the national choice is often expanded. At this time, you can take the opportunity to buy from the manufacturer directly, buy used products, buy e-commerce websites like e-commerce. Access to a computer with Internet access and the availability of digital money, and the availability of quality and affordable products compared to plastic shops. There is a wider choice of what is available on the Internet for online stores and the best tec advantage for the consumer tycoon’s consumer community.Direct communication with customers- It may be something you can tell about using e-commerce as a way to sell your products.

You can create a good relationship with your customers via the Internet. Customers provide information about services, and it is useful to consider what needs to be set up by the business. Using their customer feedback, their business can be more comfortable.

Businesses can make more profits by communicating directly with their customers. Costs can be reduced for distributors, stores, employees, advertising and promotions. This is also a valuable asset used by the Best tec printing company.New marketing models- Currently, e commerce is huge. Each of their businesses is most popular. Traditional marketing methods cannot be used in a long time. Their marketing methods need to be changed in order to be ahead. This also has new marketing models, like customer ecommerce, which uses the company’s mailshots, product review forums, targeted PPC ads, and customer elation schemes.

Many marketing materials can be manufactured in an electronic way, and they are profitable to manufacture and distribute, which can save the consumer from lower marketing budgets. Customers will be able to continue with new products in an email or email-based newsletter. Free information can be provided to customers who can use them.Global market-Using e-commerce web sites to purchase online via e-commerce opens up a wide range of choices for consumers. It is possible that you can shop around with international outlets, such as Amazon, which means you can get goods sold around the world. By identifying such methods, the Best tec printing company will benefit from the benefits of the company.Availability of new products- With the launch of a new global production business, distributors around the world can buy sophisticated items anywhere in the world.

Stores on the Internet can easily find the latest technology. You can decide whether feeding and customer use in unrelated stores is good or not.Online advertising-As mentioned above, targeted customers can effectively use e-commerce to access Internet advertising. Businesses can also get money by advertising their advertisements to other companies. An additional income can be earned, and companies that are not directly competitive with each other can often build business relationships that are useful for business purposes.

Low price-E-commerce sites have fewer physical assets for their businesses, such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and stores online store that store their goods. In normal business operations, they had to use more employees, stores, distributors, retailers, and many Internet shops or services that did not use them. Monthly rental costs can be reduced by rent, store and shopping for bill filling at online shops or services. Vehicle maintenance costs and other things. Therefore, online stores or services can generate a greater return than other businesses.What is the Business Impact?Affecting the customer and having online will have a huge impact on businesses. In addition, internet access to retailers in traditional high-end streets will require additional costs.

The business model will not work for everyone. On the other hand, a traditional trader has included online marketing for his business form, and this low cost cost and their suitability make it a major source of revenue.Global business and consumer markets-Traditionally, a business that is traded in a retail store can be varied online. They will then automatically become a global venture and will reach a larger consumer market. These requests can be made in other countries around the world because their products or services are online. Certainly, some companies may only provide a national scale distribution option, but will be widespread at national level, and will come to unprecedented customers in the direct area. Another advantage of having an internet shopping experience on the Internet is that a company that produces a patentable product can improve their distribution network. In other countries, entrepreneurs can contact their product distributors to distribute their products.

Direct Supply Costs via the Internet can help to spread a local or local business vehicle to become a global business. Only restrictions on the provision of goods / services within the specified countries are restricted by the e-commerce business itself, limiting the law, or not receiving any trade outside of the host.Security issues-The major impact of an ecommerce business is to ensure a secure and secure environment for customers to order the internet. Customer Service plays a very significant role in ensuring customer information is secure and a secure gateway for payments. Digital certificates are used to install technologies such as SSL (Secure Sockets) and secure and secure payment paths. Their affiliates have confirmed that their carrier’s ships have been installed with major credit card providers. Conscious minds are easy to make.

By affirming that their identity or information is not at risk, you will again establish business and customer confidence.Challenges to the New Technology (Problems)-When establishing an online business, companies that do not have an Internet business need to expand on the IT infrastructure needed to run the click of their business. Third-party sellers can use eCommerce Web site structure for editing, but an internal database is usually the best option for maintaining a record of stock options online. If a company becomes a large company for selling products for products on the site, it will require a number of technology laboratories to prepare orders for customers to ensure that their clients are maintained and edited.

Right. The maintenance of the system to maintain new technology and innovation is an essential part of e-commerce enterprise maintenance. It is important to invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure the cost involved and to provide the best online services. If they manage their clients from the Best tec head office, they will be severely affected if they are not connected to the fastest and most reliable internet service provider.Effect and impact of dealing with customers and Best Tec Company.

Create new distribution channels-By adding to a Best tec network, people were able to sell to the Best tec store, which had no easy access. Many will be able to market more than 25 miles to shop shopping Best tec will unwittingly submit an offer to the entire nation. When the product is packaged, the supply is not a problem; it is an outsourcing institution or a postal service to meet the destination of their purchases of products purchased. As mentioned earlier, the country’s Internet connections can mean other partners who would like to act as a licensed distributor. Working in this way means that you can create other connections without advertising for doing so and installing new distribution paths.Big competition-Even though there is a business that is a network trading business, while increasing their distribution network, there are many benefits to seeing new opportunities, but there are some shortcomings. A business competes in a global market and opens it to other traders who are competing elsewhere in the world.

If a home fingerprint was much better than Britain’s best sales, if the Best tec is very low, then good sales in the other countries can not be guaranteed if you buy so much products at a cheaper price. Certainly, distributions and credible issues may occur, but customers who use the Internet to buy e-commerce are willing to risk the world because it is safe and secure. Ecommerce is healthy in competition, but it’s important to be careful to market your products in areas where you trust consumers.Re-employment of the staff-When businesses are based on e-commerce, staff need training in new business methods. It is based on business-based information technology that differs from the usual methods. It is necessary to provide employees with services such as services, communication with customers, new safety and health, training in information technology and the like. The modern staff is able to earn a good reputation from an efficient, professional and fast-moving staff. If a Best tec employee is a chat roulette-based chat roulette user, it does not look very professional, and the customer service team can give a name.

New Sales Chain (Problems)-Internet trading needs to be carefully designed to ensure a stock market management system that can be marketable through a web-based marketing plan. Several of the same customers can use the Internet to access the Internet on the Internet and on the Internet. The emergence of this new online chain of sales means that it is always time for businesses to work with suppliers and manufacturers to store goods. To build good relationships with customers and to help maintain the business more efficiently.

With the switchover of the internet, instantaneously, when trading occurs, the Internet must be broadcasted through marketing channels and target markets based on different avenues. For example, if a large amount of home gardening is sold to your ebay, click here to create a repository to redirect customers to their own web site or customize their own site.Advantages Global Marketplace- Customers are only a few clicks to shop around the world through ecommerce web sites. This means that consumers have a choice of how to decide where to buy their products. For example, if a consumer wants to buy Apple iPhone, they can do so directly on the Apple UK website.

Alternatively, they can buy iPhone on Amazon or Ciprofone storage or any mobile phone operator’s website. For all of this, thanks to Apple and UK retailers / operators, or indeed retailers, thanks to merchants and marketing plans around the world. Therefore, it gives the opportunity to an organization in the global marketplace. Opening a global marketplace using E-commerce means access to more customers and more sales and profits.New Marketing Models and Opportunities- Traditional marketing for a business can take place on billboards, flyers, newspaper advertisements or trade shows or shows. With a website, it’s easy to advertise a very specific group of people using Pay Per Click Advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook. Most ecommerce businesses have also come to social media for themselves and their product market. Many business competition racing events and business photo / competition / profile likes, offer, give commentaries or randomly small rewards.

This will allow user friend’s network to race, and possibly need to enter it. Net results for the business are a huge increase in the exposure of their brands to social websites. Their websites may have more sales and sales.Low start-up and running costs- Unlike the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business, hiring, renting, renting, renting, renting, renting, renting, renting, renting, renting, and hiring employees, an e-mail website does not need a high cost. The only organic cost involved in programming and planning the website with the hosting and maintenance / hosting of the website. Once an online shop can control payments and orders directly, the cost of staff reductions and undelivered sales, cash paper, Paper receipts, general labels, label seals and labels.Trending- Because of the natural nature of the Internet, customers can order products or services at any time or at any time. This flexibility enables customers to use ecommerce Web sites on their own terms and do not charge to order a product on a limited time limit on their limited terms.

If customers make overnights and can keep 990 ordinary openings between 9-5 open hours However, stores have an ecommerce website that offers and adds online through the Internet Advertisement. At the right time for the consumer. As a result, there is no loss of sales in the store and you can still access the products / services required to create a customer / winning position.DisadvantagesConsumer trust issues- The lack of human contact with the E-commerce methodology may lead to credible problems for some of its customers. The user has already started to judge the organization within a few seconds after visiting the site. It has been decided whether it can be trusted and whether it can be trusted. Many consumers are suspicious when many consumers like continuous fraud, online credit card frauds and identity theft, such as new information, are being misused to e-commerce websites.

It can take time to organize it as a reputable, reliable website. Independent reviews, well-known successors, social media commentaries can build trust with customers, establish social media presence, and directly access customers in social media like Facebook and Twitter. When consumers realize that there are authentic conversations behind the site, they can think of places of organization and trusted places.Security issues-Security often plays a hidden but decisive role in maintaining an effective e-commerce website. Customers, management, and developers often ignore website security.

But after a security breakdown, everyone will know each other and will become a PR channel for any customer. When it comes to safety, healing is better. Credit card data or personal information has been stolen, it is not only a risk of stealing from customer accounts, but also a loss of confidence in customers, and negative advertising damages the reputation of the organization. It can damage profit, and in some cases lead to the closure or the return to the trade that needs to go back.Delivery Issues- The shipping cost can be expensive for a business. Consumers can make bargains worse when purchasing online goods to encourage consumers to shop online, and if ordered for a certain quantity, customers will be freely shipped. Increased commodity orders offer more double-effect, giving consumers a better value.

Low price-Customers can easily find the products and services available on other e-commerce sites so that they can easily find the right place for their customers at affordable prices.This is a structure for a web page that can be used in the Best tec company-24765057150000. Figure 2.

1.2The risk of implementing e-commerce solutionsE-business sponsors often call e-business forms an unprocessable solution for business and financial issues. E-commerce is available for special benefits, such as broader customer base and fast negotiation. Customers often search online and find online shopping or service providers. Before business e-commerce, business owners also need to know the risks.Let us discuss these risks,Data security Every business faces the issue of data security.

The e-businesses will maximize these challenges. Customers provide a significant amount of sensitive information. From phone numbers to credit cards, on your site.

As the owner of the site, you are responsible for protecting that information with appropriate security measures, such as the encryption of encrypted secure encrypted or secure transactions, with third parties. Failure to use data security can rob your creditors of fines and faith.EconomyThere are problems with the economy of every organization. There is a huge cost to implement an e-commerce solution for a business. Often, customers do not have good customer service, advertisements, and competitive advantages.

There is a problem with the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. Access to the Internet is still expensive and the web has grown globally.Legal factorsMedia in the internet is easily can copied, stored, transmitted and modified, and can share information freely around the world. Therefore, copyright rights are difficult to safeguard, and various countries have different laws to protect copyright rights. Tax collection is very complicated by imposing a problem in collecting taxes on the Internet Business Taxation, and different tax structures have different structures for tax collection. Some products are illegal and illegal in countries and organizations about whether this product is legitimate to this country. An electronic transaction is a problem with the validity of the transactions and the electronic document documents can be formulated.Marketing FailuresBoth online and offline are both dependent on productive marketing.

Unfortunately, the technologies and strategies for online marketing are excluded from invasive technology. Business owners can be deprived of pay clicking, viruses and social media. In addition to the offline marketing services that you have already used in new businesses for e-businesses, you may want to hire an online marketing specialist or a company. The website can be used to efficiently devote time and money to the entire project without effective online marketing for traffic.

Website AvailabilityIf the cost of a business is managed, top- flight data is used by security, and online marketing is best for use. Bad web hosting can destroy an e-business. A web hosting company can access a web at least 100 percent of the time. Websites drop down to a bandwidth that has been lost from a broken server. Continuous websites suspend businesses with bad hosting services Customers who stay away from your site will be prevented from stopping it. You can contact this host to help prevent this problem and invite other business owners to share their experiences with hosts.

Customer trainingA number of people who are connected to the Internet can take risks online that can be purchased online through the Internet. People who lived in developed countries and a developing country cannot succeed. A significant risk organization should be considered for trained clients2.2 E-Commerce has become a very popular method of trading amongst businesses and organizations.

Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on society. (LO2 2.2) Ans Positive effects of e-commerce on society,Convenience Helpful for disables and aged people Time saving Information availability Helpful for new business Jobs for society 24 hour service Available niche productsDisintermediationEnvironment friendlyNegative effects of e-commerce on society,UnemploymentIncrease in crime Health concerns Natural causesLoss to retailers Environmental harms Wrong information Returns and complaints Task-033.1 Investigate market potential for an e-commerce opportunity by using a Presentation, which is not more than 15 Slides. (LO3 3.1) 3.2 Evaluate current e-commerce systems in use by other relevant organization (LO3 3.2) 3.3 Discuss the financial implications of an e-commerce solution (LO3 3.3) 3.5 Evaluate the suitability of above designed e-commerce solution to the organization (LO3 3.5) END.


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