Task you have not only been hired

Task 310.2.3-08Business SolutionsWelcome to Business Solutions team! We are very happy to have you on our team. We, as a whole are committed to providing to a productive, positive, and inspiring environment for all our employees and clients. We strive to be the preeminent example of how a company treats all its associates.

You have been selected as one of the elite few that we have asked to join our team. You should know that you have not only been hired for your skills and knowledge but also what else you will be able to bring to the table. We are ecstatic to have you on the team and look forward to see what you will bring to our team.

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Mission StatementBusiness Solutions will provide premier quality advising services to our clients in order to help them achieve their goals all the while maintaining our common values on ethics and commitments. Standards and Proceduresemployees are expected to do the following:? New employees are required to fill out all the forms that are attached to the end of this manual.? All employees are required to report to work at their scheduled time.

If an employee is going to more than 10 minutes, then they are required to contact a manager. Excessive tardiness will be subject to disciplinary action, which can include termination.? All employees must maintain professionalism at all times.

? All employees must provide excellent customer service at all times. If a situation occurs, that must inform management immediately after the situation arises.? All employees must attend all the meetings. If an employee misses a meeting, they must check in with their manager to see what was missed.Gifts or Gratuities? No employee of Business Solutions can accept any kind of gift or gratuity from a customer or a competing company. Any gifts or gratuities received by an employee must be returned immediately and reported to management.

? All employees cannot out themselves in a situation that can or will be perceived as a conflict of interest to the company or our clients.? Employees must report any and all instances to management. Failure to do so can and will result in disciplinary action. That can include termination. Confidentiality? No previous or current employee may disclose or give access to confidential company or client information, at any times.? Any information that is released must have authorization from management.

Reporting for work? All employees are expected to begin and end each shift at the appointed day and time.? All employees must notify a manger before the start of each workday that they will be absent or late.? All employees must obtain the managers permission to leave their shift early.? All absences and late arrivals will be recorded and put in their personnel file. ? If an employee misses work for more than two days, without notice, management will consider this a voluntary resignation. This will result in automatic removal from the payroll.

SafetyBusiness Solutions is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment. We can only achieve this through teamwork. Each employee must work together to anticipate unsafe situations that may occur.? If an employee becomes sick or injured, no matter the extent, that employee must notify the management team immediately.? All employees must understand their position fully.

If an employee is unsure of a procedure, they need to ask management.? All employees must know the locations of all the first aid kits and fire extinguishers.Cell Phone Use? Cell phones brought from home must be on silent or vibrate mode to avoid disruption in the workplace. ? They may be only used on breaks, away from others that are working.? If the cell phones use interferes with others and operations, then the cell phone privileges will be rescinded and disciplinary actions will be taken.

? Employees, who receive company cell phones, should only use them for company use.Harassment and Discrimination? In keeping with our Equal Opportunity Employment clause, will not tolerate any on-site discrimination or harassment on any protected basis, including physical and mental characteristics, race, religious or political views, nationality, disability, medical conditions, sex, sexual preference, or gender.? Harassment and discriminatory behavior among the employees will result in disciplinary action, with the possibility of termination.? Discrimination as harassment by customers and/or other business associates need to be reported to management, as soon as possible. will then investigate the claim and take the appropriate corrective actions.Equal Opportunity Employment PolicyBusiness Solutions provides Equal Opportunity employment to all its applicants, without regard to illegal considerations of/or discrimination against race, religion, creed, color, nationality, sex, sexual preference, gender, age, ancestry, mental or physical disabilities, marital status, or any other classifications that are prohibited by the local, status, and federal laws.

This policy is in affect during the hiring, firing, promotion, compensation, schedules, discipline, training, working conditions, and all other aspects of employment. As an employee you are expected to honor policy.Termination of EmploymentBusiness Solutions typically employs between 20 to 50 employees, regular and temporary, “at-will” basis. “At-will” employment can end at anytime, without notice.? If an employee leave us, we ask to be given two weeks notice.

Disciplinary ActionBusiness Solutions takes disciplinary matters very seriously and we will determine what discipline will be used and what is appropriate. Unacceptable behavior or actions include:• Excessive tardiness or absences• Improper conduct• Disobliging attitude• Abuse• Unauthorized use or disclosure of property• Possession of illegal drugs and/or weapons ? Disciplinary action can consist of verbal or written warnings, counseling, demotion, transfer, suspension or termination. Management will handle each individual case. This way we can ensure fairness to all those involved.Ethics TrainingAll Business Solutions employees must complete our ethics training, within one month of the hire date, upon the their acceptance of a position with our company. This training will instruct the employees on policies, expectations, social requirements, and other relevant company information.? Amy Smith is our Chief Compliance Officer. She will be the one responsible for training and supervising any other employees that are involved with the training.

? All employees, upon the completion of their initial training, will be required to have a refresher course every six months. The refresher course will cover any new rules and/or regulations.? Training will consist of reading material, role playing and guest speakers.MisconductMisconduct is defined as the following actions:• Theft• Fraud• Harassment, of any kind• Insubordination• Conducting other business while on time.? -Monitoring Misconduct will be done by the following:• Call Monitoring- This will be done by real-time listening to randomly selected calls.

We will inform each caller that they may be recorded for quality control purposes.• Computer Monitoring- This will be done with the use of monitoring technology software. It will allows us to monitor the Internet usage and email communications. • Security Camera- Cameras will be installed at the front of the office, the storage room, and the break room.? By monitoring calls, computer activity and the security cameras, we will be able to prevent fraud and/or theft.Audit ProcessWe will audit our ethics program by doing the following:.• Reviewing the recorded calls and videotapes• Using corrective action reports• Creating and using audit checklists, comments, and written summaries• Using comment and/or survey cards? -Before we take disciplinary action, we will review violations that were discovered during the auditing process.? -Each employee will have the chance to explain his or her actions before we take the appropriate action.

prides itself on continually developing and improving on all business fronts. Thank you for your participation in this process.Welcome to the Business Solutions team!ResourcesGomez, C. (n.d.). How to Start a Business Ethics Awareness Training Program.

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