Task theory states that there are two

Task 1 Over the course of the past century, organisations havelearnt to adapt to set models of how a typical business can run effectively.

Manybusinesses have learnt adapted and added to the set models so that the businesscan run more efficiently due to the specific changes. An information system isthe way organisations are set up to keep the flow of different types ofinformation moving through different departments and through external entitiesthat collect or send information through the organisation. Sony Corporation is made up of different divisions anddepartments that all work independently and rely on one another to completecertain tasks to achieve the essence of the organisation. The department of mychoice is manufacturing which is handled by Sony Precision Technology Inc. Sony Precision Technology is a separate entity that handlesthe manufacturing of products with Sony Corporation. In 1969 it was founded bythe Sony corporation.

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Orders are put through with specific design details basedon the product that is being ordered, the data comes through electronically andis assigned every morning to the staff during a meeting prior to the actual labourbeing done. Around 500 different products are being produced internationally byaround 600 employees.The manufacturing sites are in Isehara, Japan and Sony PrecisionTechnology have another two in Germany and The United States.

Each site isalways stocked up on resources, a computer system records how much of eachresource is being used and at what pace, once the resource becomes limited to acertain amount, an automated purchase is put through and delivered the nextmorning. Resources such as metal, Aluminium and Rubber are all types of itemspurchased on a day to day bases. The site craft their own electronic chips fordifferent products such as TV’s, Consoles, Earphones, Speakers and Phones.The systems theory is looking at the way of which an organisationis set up. The systems theory will be applied to Sony to show the processesthat are underdone within the organisation. The concept is simple, the theorystates that there are two types of systems, one being a closed system and theother being an open system. A closed system is not affected by its environmentand just produces either services or goods.

However, many organisations use thelatter system mentioned, so the concept of an open system will be applied toSony.There is an Input in to the Sony Precision Technology, whichthen has a process which is created a product or service which is deliveredback out to customers.  The open systemhas permeable boundaries meaning information and resources flow in and out, thesystem usually needs a to be open and in contact with its environment, so itcan run more efficiently. Holism is a concept when looking at systems. Theperspective is that the system is a whole, and is not divided into differentdepartments or categories. Another concept is Interdependence, this is when theorganisation is set up to have a connection with their environment. Thesub-departments are also connected and not on their own. The interdependenceapproach is set up on the idea of a system being made up of many interconnectedsubsystems.

One subsystem can also influence other subsystems based ondecisions they make. This is where the theory that each system has subsystemshad come from. Ludwig Von Bertalanffy was a biologist brought the generalsystem theory forward, where he applied it to different types of fields.Within Sony Precision Technology, Isehara, Japan. There arefour sub-divisions that all have different tasks that accomplish the sameessence of the organisation. The subsystem departments consist of Design, Production,Quality control and packaging.The process flows together within the sub departments.

Productsare designed externally and internally. After the design blueprints are ready,based on the demand of the product, there is mass production. Once the productis produced, different tests, diagnostics and durability checks are done toensure that the product is up to the given guideline standard. After theproduct passes all the tests, it is packaged accordingly based on what productit is, and then shipped out to customers directly or retailer’s worldwide.At the manufacturing factory, there is the production sub-department.Resources are gathered and shipped in every morning into the factory via cargoand lorry deliveries.

The resources are categorised and stored where theybelong in the storage units. If the assembly line is running low on resources,workers add the missing resources through forklift trucks whilst the actualmanufacturers continue to do craft products. After producing each piece of aproduct, it assembled at the end of the assembly.Once the product is complete it is tested, the manufacturercreates headphones which is tested on different devices. After the headphonespass the test that they are functional, the quality is tested. Different typesof people wear the headphones to see if it fits it purpose, the headphones arechecked for its durability too.

Once all tests are passed, each product is certified to bepackaged up and sold. The headphones are then taken to another assembly linewhere they are sealed up with a small manual in a plastic package. Oncepackaged and sealed, the product is sent in thousands to delivery lorries,which is then distributed to retailers to sell on.

 Through the following diagram, I will be explaining howdepartments interlink with manufacturing. Sony have five departments thatinterlink one another; Research and development, Purchasing, Marketing,Accounting and finance and Human resources. Sony has a team of specialist who research into potentiallysellable products, an entire team research and develop ideas into actualblueprints for the Sony Precision Technology (Manufacturing department) to producing.The manufacturing department rely on the research team to make sure there areno mistakes in the blueprints provided, because any mistake made will lead to thousandsof faulty products that will result in a loss of resources which cost money.Sony Precision Technology rely on the purchasing departmentto gather the right amount and the correct resources to make products correctlyand the right amount without having to waste money on materials.

Manufacturingwill always alert purchasing on any materials that they are low on. From whatthe research and development team say about what resources are needed, themanufacturers will send the purchasing department a list of what they need.However, there’s also an automated system that detects what materials areneeded, the system automatically sends information to the purchasing departmenton what is needed. Sony has marketing experts to advertise products ondifferent platforms. The marketing department are important because withoutthem the manufacturers wouldn’t get any demands on popular products. Themanufacturers rely on the marketing team to advertise products that aresimultaneously being produced.

The marketing team provide data on whichproducts are going to be demanded.The Accounting and finance team within Sony work withmanufacturers more than they work with other department, this is because thedepartment give budgets on how much Sony Precision Technology can spend onmaterials and equipment. The manufacturers need to be aware of how much theyare spending and how much they have left to spend, if the accounting team don’tinform the manufacturers on their limit, it could result in underestimating howmuch goods are being produced compared to the demand of the product.The Human resources department are important, they searchfor the right skilled workers and seek to hire, train, pay them and educatethem on new products and equipment within the manufacturing sites. Themanufacturing side may also go to the human resources department regardinganything they are unsure on, for example they are unsure on how to produce acertain product with new equipment or tools.

                                                                Task 2In the past 25 years, the usageof mobile/portable devices has increased within work places and is still on theup rise. A lot of organisations use devices to access the internet quickly andto work more efficiently. At Sony Precision Technology, Isehara, Japanmanufacturing site, there isn’t much uses of devices, the Operating systemisn’t as up to date and efficient as it could be.

Within the manufacturingdepartment of Sony, the organisation uses PC’s to communicate and transfer datawith one another. A remit that could stop the manufacturing site from fallingbehind on logging in how much resources has been used and how much is left,every night the manufacturers must calculate how much resources they have usedand will be needing. The problem with this is that a lot of materials go towaste and isn’t always accounted for which can cause issues when trying toestimate how much material is in stock to use the next morning,However, Sony Precision Technologycan avoid the problem and become efficient by using a mobile device that logsin and out every time material/resources are taken out from the stock storage. Manufacturerscan have the device close to them, every time material is wasted, the workerscan log this on to the system. This can benefit the manufacturers when it comesto purchasing resources the next morning, it makes it easier to know what andhow much is needed, also it saves a lot of time and minimises the risk ofmiscalculating.The MC2100 is a mobile hand-heldcomputer device which made specifically to monitor and manage stock. It iscompatible with Microsoft and works via WIFI making it easy to use due to thefamiliarity and simplicity of Microsoft. The device is shockproof andwaterproof, so its durable and will last long.

A 1D linear scanner scansbarcodes and for stocks which is beneficial for when logging data in and outstraight away. The MC2100 also includes a feature where an automated purchasecan be made, this can save time and make it more efficient or manufacturers.Another device which can be usedto benefit manufacturers at Sony Precision Technology, is Samsung’s 7inchgalaxy tab with 8GB of memory, Built in WIFI, NFC and Bluetooth compatibility.The android tablet can be used at the Isehara Manufacturing site. If eachresources and items are tagged with a NFC code, so when stock is checked in orchecked out, the NFC will transfer data onto a logging system (which is alsobacked up physically in two unknown locations and in cloud storage),Information of the resource or product that has been scanned will come up,through the NFC system, manufacturers can precook items and resources, andcheck for availability.

Within manufacturing, Sony PrecisionTechnology can benefit from the MC2100 compared to an android tablet. TheMC2100 is specifically designed for manufacturing purposes, it has a hand-held designallowing manufacturers to keep one hand free whilst holding the device. Also,the device has an internal software that logs data in every time aresource/item is scanned, on the other hand an android tablet is way too bigand requires both hands to use, it can be easily damaged if it falls which ishighly likely when working in a fast-paced practical environment at Isehara,Japan.  General systems theory thinking, and systems theories wereboth mentioned and applied to the chosen organisation and department, in thisinstance I chose Sony’s manufacturing department which is an incorporatecompany named Sony Precision Technology in Isehara, Japan.

I applied thesystems thinking theories to the organisation by creating diagrams to show theinput and output process within the departments and sub-departments ofmanufacturing. I have explained how the general system theory fits in alongsidethe concepts.Based on the research from task one, I found out theassembly line proceedings at the Isehara manufacturing site. From what was discovered,it was found that Sony Precision Technology could improve their operatingsystem and become more efficient when manufacturing products by using specific mobiledevices.List of referencesSonyPrecision Technology America, Inc. Techspex . 2017.

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