Tata and first software firm. Tata Sons’ a

Tata Group about 150 years old started as Trading House in 1868 by great Jamsetji N Tata, great grandfather of Ratan Tata.

It had many first to its credit for being at forefront of Industries in India such as Luxury Hotel, Private Steel Company, first Airline, and first software firm. Tata Sons’ a promoter company which served as groups holding company was 66% held by two charitable trusts funding programs in education, medicines, the arts, scientific research and economic development.The portfolio expanded greatly by JRD Tata during his Chairmanship of 53 years from 13 companies in 1938 to 300 in 1991 as he encouraged group companies to be independent and entrepreneurial in expansion resulting in overlapping of many group companies. It established representative offices in London and Usa in 1907 and 1945 but the groups growth was almost exclusive organic and most of the time international business meant exports. However, some of the IHC Hotel business also happened for London properties but largely internationalization was missing

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