TCS to follow. TCS provides express and logistic

TCS was founded in 1983 as a domestic courier company by Khadim Nawaz Awan. When it started, it just had 25 shipments only but now it has expanded over 5 continents. TCS not only has a strong presence in Pakistan but also in Middle East and North America. It offers international delivery services as well as parcel express delivery to over 2000 stations. It is the only logistics company which has its own aircraft.

It started as a courier company and now with an experience of 35 years, it has gained customers trust and loyalty due to its fast delivery, satisfactory results and trustworthiness. TCS Pakistan has redefined and paved a direction and path for the entire industry to follow.TCS provides express and logistic services in the C2C, B2B and B2C segments.

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It has achieved a number of milestone over a short period of time and has developed into a business model that continues to grow stronger. Therefore, now, they have over 6000 experienced employees and has a call center which is available 24/7. In 1989, it established unique gift delivery service known as Sentiments Express.


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