Team is team norm? Team norms are

Team is a group of people who work together. It may be two or more people who communicate mutually because they have interests in common.

From the beginning of time, people have used work groups to get things done and to generate new ideas. (Wheelan, 2005)The characteristics of an active team will be able to the highest level for an extensive period of time and to complete the assigned task in the most efficient and effective manner and to the best of its ability. The purpose, objectives and roles of a team could change from team to team. Anyhow some certain features will remain in a team that facilitates the team to achieve effective team performance.What is team norm?Team norms are set regulations or procedures that each team will gradually follow up.

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Working closely with the team and its members the team will start to build up its shape. Towards to achieve better team, effective interpersonal communication and mutual understanding between each other will play a vital role. Building team norms can be done during the initial meeting or gradually. Well structured team norms always will help to have a control in performance of the team members. These norms will be assisting to evaluate the interaction of each team members. Successful team norms will eliminate the failing performance, negative imaginations and disorderly ideas from the team work. Why do we need team norms?Team consists with members who hail from different backgrounds, believes and people who have diverse personality.

When these people put in to a team it creates multi diversity environment in the team. Hence it is an essential to work all these members with handing hand to achieve a common goal. Towards to accomplish this objective it is a must to have set of guidelines or regulations which can hold the team together as a one entity.

How team norms will effect on the team development? Team Norms effects on the team developmentTeam Norm Effect towards the development Team communication Respectful and trustful communication between members will cultivate harmony and it will help each other to work with peaceful mind. Effective communication builds strong relationship between members and it will be one of the development aspects in a team. Team problem resolving When team members should take the decision to resolve the problems with mindfulness of the circumstance. Then it will not lead to face any conflicts between team members.

Less conflicts makes better development on a team. Team organization Team leadership should be respected and accepted by all the team members and leadership should be offered according to the capability and performance. Everyone needs to have a fair opportunity to perform in a team this will creates harmony and better function in the team which lead the team to perform well in all the way.


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