6}In at 915 Mhz. For wide band operation,

6}In this paper, for bandwidth enhancement a microstrip line fed printed wide slot antenna with a fractal shaped slot is proposed. Impedance bandwidth of the slotted antenna is improved by selecting the iteration factor and iteration order of the fractal…

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It’s new connected world brings with it

It’s incredibly easy to overlook how profoundly the world has changed over the last couple of decades.Not long ago, before the Internet,mobile devices and cloud applications existed , data resided mostly on gigantic mainframes and , later, on the hard…

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Wind is the movement of the air from

Wind power is generated when the earth orbits the sun daily, it receives light and heat. Across the earth there are areas with different temperatures, so this heat transfers from one area to another area. Due to heat differences wind…

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? of the motor. These ripples can affect

?CHAPTER TWOLITERATURE REVIEWDue to advances in power electronic switches, and microprocessors, variable speed drive system using various control system have been generally used in many applications, some of them include field oriented control, or vector control, sensor less vector control…

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