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technological advancements has made people extremely dependent on their cell phones and computers. Destroys the quality of human interactions and causes people to be socially crippled; which leads to social isolation.Lack of Social Skills – The excessive use of instant messengers, SMS and social media results in us losing our ability to read body language, social cues in other people, and communicate to one another. A short ride on the bus will show you just how little interaction goes on in a humans life due to the amount of use on their mobile devices.”Young adults who use Facebook more frequently show more signs of psychological disorders, including antisocial behavior, mania and aggressiveness.” (Larry Rosen).

An example of this is Facebook where people spends hours attached to this virtual community, and ignore their interpersonal relationships in the real world.People are so addicted to these social networks that they forget the way people are supposed to interact and that’s by talking in person. Although it may seem easier for people to send a quick text, email or instant message it destroys the meaning of being able to interact with our friends and family and actually get to see each other face to face. When your in a waiting room with a group of individuals you usually see them all immediately grabbing their smartphones and getting engrossed in whatever they’re looking at on their screen.We have learned to socialize without physically interacting, and communicate without really connecting.Albertsons chose to pull its self-checkout lanes in 2011 to encourage more rapport between customers and employees.(MAIN IDEA #2) Creates a generation of laziness. Dumbs down society.

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People no longer have to put any effort into anything because all the answers are at your fingertips.Technological growth has led to reduced competency by people who depend a lot on technology. It’s at the point where it’s taking over people’s lives and has led them to become inferior to it.They lose thinking and creativity skills.

People are slowly but surely forgetting how to do things the old fashioned way, including dating. People rely on dating apps algorithms to find the one for them. Now there’s a way to completely go around the nerve-racking butterflies when you confront a girl or guy, and just message them instead.

You no longer have to pull out a dictionary or go to the library for information, you can simply type in a question online and find an answer.The punishment for a child misbehaving ten years ago used to be forbidding them to go outside and play but now its taking away their electronics.People don’t have to go to any certain extent to put themselves out, they’ll pay more money to have easy tasks done for them rather than doing it themselves for half the price.

Instead of going to the store and buying flowers and hand delivering them, you can have a florist deliver it and order online. Instead of writing letters and cards for a loved ones birthday, you can send a text. Instead of going to the grocery store to make dinner, there’s food services that’ll deliver every last ingredient to your doorstep. Instead of walking to the park to meet up with your friends, you call uber or lyft to give you a ride. (MAIN IDEA #3) We live in times where the use of technology is applied in every aspect of the society, systems or internet connection failing basically dismisses everyone from their responsibilities.For example, if we go to the bank and the systems are down we cannot access our accounts because all the information about the account is stored online; if a person wants to make a appointment and it’s also rush hour since there’s others wanting to do the same, the systems can crash, and they won’t be able to be put through to anyone.

Kids nowadays need access to a computer to do certain assignments and look information up on the internet. If they don’t get it then they’ll suffer as a result. It has become so serious that doctors have recommended for “technology detox.” According to Oxford Dictionary, technology detox is a period during which an individual avoids using any electronic devices including computers, smartphones etc as a chance to reduce stress and focus on social interaction in the outside world.Smartphones have the capacity to contain documents, phone numbers, GPS, and more; all which are capabilities that people depend on their phones for.


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