Technology analysis, it has been found that as

Technology AwarenessName of the Student: Sri Kavya GadhirajuName of the University: Swinburne Institute Of Technology?Abstract:Technology can be acknowledged as the backbone of the E-commerce industry.

This studyShow case the level of awareness on the issues involved with the technologies utilized incase of developing nations. Through the proper emphasis on understanding the technical issues faced by developing nations to conduct business internationally specifically in case ofE-commerce industry has been highlighted. As the chosen developing nation India is selectedand Flipkart as the company that operates in the E-commerce industry has been consideredconsidering its vast amount of operation. Through the study technological issues faced byFlipkart and capability of the organization to operate internationally has been demonstrated.

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Through the analysis, it has been found that as the medium for dealing with the technologicalissues Flipkart has to grow organically. The study has found that, though outside India, thechosen brand is not well-known and lacks required brand recognition, yet, through utilizationof effective business process strategies it can gain much amount of exposure in the worldmarket. The report has found that utilization of Omni-channel retailing can be seen as onestep forward for E-commerce.

In addition to this, server issues, dynamic IP address as wellas bandwidth issues and data privacy and security issues can enhance the business of Flipkartin its future endeavors.?Table of ContentsIntroduction 4Brief Background of Flipkart in India 4Current business and technology landscape 6Issues with Flipkart that restrict international expansion 7Brief description and capability of selected technology 9What impact will your technology bring to the business? 11Strategy moving forward and conclusion 13Reference List 14List of FiguresFigure 1: Flipkart Company 5Figure 2: Flipkart & Walmart merger 6Figure 3: Flipkart growth over the years 7Figure 4: IOT framework 10Figure 5: Guided discovery framework 11?Introduction This study deals with demonstrating the level of awareness on the issues that involve technologies as used in developing countries. In this particular assignment, the proper emphasis had been given on understanding the technical issues faced by developing nations to conduct business internationally.

In this study, India is selected as the developing nation and Flipkart as the company that operates in the E-commerce industry ( The study will discuss the technical issues that are faced by Flipkart and how far this company has the capability to operate internationally and get recognized in and across the world. Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce company that faces several issues while operating their business.

The current segment even highlights the selected technology that should be used by the company so that they can expand in the international market. Technology can be treated as the backbone of the E-commerce industry. It is the technology that helps in searching as well as customizing and personalizing products for customers that are fast becoming an obligatory characteristic and as expected from any of the E-commerce ventures who are willing to succeed in the upcoming future years (Vyas & Gupta, 2017). Brief Background of Flipkart in India Flipkart Private Limited is one of the Indian E-commerce company that operates in India. The company was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007. The company primarily used to focus on book sales before expanding into other categories of a product like fashion, consumer electronics and lifestyle products (flipkart.

com). The company faces stiff competition from Amazon and Snapdeal that operates in the same country and industry. Figure 1: Flipkart CompanySource: (, 2018)The company aims at providing one-stop solution to the customers where they can select any clothing, accessories, and home appliances by sitting at home. The prices are kept affordable so that customers get attracted and it leads to an impulsive buying. The potential customer who shows interest in purchasing online products feels comfortable as it saves both time and energy. In this busy world, individuals faces difficulty in travelling to offline stores and complete their shopping. With the emergence of E-commerce industry, customers have found it easy to shop anywhere and anytime with just one click.

There are several payment options (cash or debot card or credit card) available to them so that they can select and get the products delivered at home (Verma&Dahiya, 2016). Current business and technology landscape Currently, it can be seen that Merging of Flipkart and Walmart brought lot of changes in the dynamics related to complete retail sector that include both online and offline services. Flipkart is an Indian company and the investment will impact the company in both ways (strategic ways and tactical ways). Figure 2: Flipkart & Walmart mergerSource: ( 2018)The discussions were made at management level where it was found that fund raising and Initial Public Offering will bring changes in the operational efficiency and attainment of future sustainability activities. By doing this, the Founders will have no role to play but still, the company will enjoy high market share as it will be professionally managed. This will lead to bring various level of objectivity as well as governance at the same time (Vaishnavi&Kuechler, 2015). Flipkart had faced issues such as instability in top management.

It becomes difficult for the manager to adjust to the culture of the company or in India to be precise (Tam et al., 2017). It is because of the reason why things in India are less structured and more chaotic as compared to other nations.

Flipkart is busy in competing with its competitors Amazon. It is therefore advisable to expand the market internationally to make base perfect. It can be seen that Flipkart is not well-equipped to expand globally in this recent times. The company is facing several issues of its own and these are funding issue, change in top management as well as marked down evaluation.

The current situation of Flipkart in India is not quite healthy. The company need to target in cutting up the losses and attain break-even. In this stage, it becomes difficult for the company to expand globally and this can be one of the hectic activity that need lot of planning as well as expenditure at the same time (Ruby, 2016).


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