Technology be talking about dependence on technology. Technology

Technology has brought us cars, machines, smartphones and airplanes. It opened up a way to explore beyond our planet and proved that technology is significant in human advancement. But how long can you go without your smartphone? My name is Raisha, and today I will be talking about dependence on technology.

Technology has made life much more convenient for humans. There is no denying that technology hasn’t improved our lives as an individual and as a society. However, with all these benefits, do we rely on technology more than we need too.I agree that technology has truly advanced our lives. But, there’s a difference between technology aiding us and taking over our life. Technology isn’t the problem, it’s the how they use it.

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Computers and phones have been a great development to technological advancements, but with good, also comes the bad. Nobody knows any phone numbers, and if the internet is down, work is over for the day. It was once said by Albert Einstein, “It has been appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. We get so caught up in inventing and creating these gadgets to make our lives easier but if you really think about it, these technologies often times make life more difficult. Technology has made us become lazy.

From ordering pizza from your couch to buying clothes on your phone. Maybe it isn’t such a great idea to have everything at our fingertips. It has created a wider gap between the poor and the rich. For example, the person who can afford the new iPhone X and the person who stills carries a Motorola flip phone.

This causes economic inequality between social classes and can also cause social unrest, later resulting in an increase of crime and stealing to get the best product on the market.Another example is Microsoft Word’s spell check. Parents are now raising a generation of children who won’t know how to properly spell or punctuate a sentence without spell check.

30 years ago, 90% of children were outside getting oxygen and playing sports. Currently, over 75% of children are playing video games and staying indoors. Being inactive also leads to an increase in child obesity. Mental and emotional problems normally occurs due to obesity like anxiety, fear and depression. Child obesity can also result in sleep problems because people have fears and anxiety that can’t let them get a good night’s sleep.Without your smartphone, you feel barren. Perhaps this is the foundation of this issue.

Cell phone addiction is real, and it’s worse than you think. An average adult spends about 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphone. Tally up the hours we spend on social media and the sum comes to 5 years and 4 months over a lifetime. That’s 36% more time than we spend drinking and eating.

A study shows the brain when realizing a phone is broken and our thought patterns. The patterns show the same as if it was a person who was clinically depressed and needs help. If you feel the same way a person who needs help emotionally does when you break a phone, people have a definite issue with their connection to society.Most of the time we spend, we worry about issues like is my phone charged enough? Does my camera have enough battery to livestream an event? If you are missing one of them, you try as much as possible to search for it no matter what. The result is you fail to capture and experience the moment because you’re too busy worrying about other things.

Society is being carried away from human interaction by an increase of technology being integrated into every aspect of our life. The balance we need is to appreciate technology for it’s benefits. The choice remains in our hands. The choice to turn off our phones and computers to experience life at its fullest.


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