Technology photos and videos can be used to

Technology has evolved incredibly over the years such that it has an enormous impact on our everyday lives.

Mobile phones with cameras that can be used to take photos and videos can be used to record an observational assessment or a finished and finalised product. This aids authenticity and can help overcome various constraints of distance and availability. Oral evidence can be recorded as part of the assessment process adding value and can aid with availability of information and contingency.

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Online banks of multiple choice questions that can test knowledge and understanding of a particular topic with the results immediately available for accessing. Online digital diagnostic testing for Literacy and Numeracy indicators and which level has been achieved. They also follow an end-to-end process by suggesting areas of improvement. Electronic portfolios where learner work for pertinent qualifications can be presented through electronic means, with all evidence is stored, and accessed by this electronic means. Many of these electronic portfolios also allow the upload of evidence by the learner.

With email it is now possible to send assignments electronically and also receive any feedback via electronic means.


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