Teeth sensory to provide the sensation of hot

Teeth gets infected and start to decay, in advance stages one may lose the tooth or the infection may spread. Tooth pain is one of the highest pain tolerance to a human. Root canal treatment is generally administered to save your natural tooth.

Lets understand how Root canal treatment helps us.Tooth have a pulp and is attached to the nerve ,the tooth nerve’s only function is sensory to provide the sensation of hot or cold. The absence of this nerve will not affect one’s day to day life. It is necessary to remove the nerve as the infection may spread to till your bone around your root of the tooth.

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First a X-ray of the tooth is done to determine the severity of the decay the affected area must be kept a dry so a rubber dam is placed to prevent saliva entering ,during root canal an access hole will then be drilled into the tooth , the pulp along with the decaying nerve is removed . Water or Sodium hypochlorite is used to flush away the debris periodically.Once your tooth is cleaned thoroughly its sealed . After this one needs to follow up for an restoration process to rebuild your tooth protecting it from breaking . Root canals have a reputation to painful if the process is not done by an experienced doctor.

One must ensure the right amount of anesthesia is given followed by good antibiotic cover to ensure the process is virtually pain free.The success rate of root canal treatments is 95% which can last a lifetime.Alternative methods to Root Canal procedure is having the tooth extracted then replacing with implants, bridges , the whole process is more expensive and requires further treatments for the adjacent teeth and support of tissue.Prevention of Root canal is very simple ,one needs to maintain a good dental hygiene , traumas from sports injury can be prevented by wearing mouth guard.


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