Television is used and atrophies when it

Television contains an enormous variety forms and content. The effects of television viewing depend on program content and genre.

According to research, young children who spent a few hours week watching education program such as Sesame Street, mister Rorgers’ neighborhood had higher academic test scores 3 years later than those who didn’t watch educational prgrams. On the other hand, children who watched many hours of entertainment programs and cartoons had lower test scores than those who watched fewer hours of such programs. Good educational programs can provide lasting benefits to children. Children are most likely to become actively engaged with television content that is nether too easy nor too difficult to comprehend, that is content that provides some challenges, but also allows a child to gain sense of mastery. Just like our muscles, the brain gets stronger when it is used and atrophies when it isn’t used.

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It seems that lack of use aslo leaves it vulnerablt to dengeration later in life. Of course, there are some bad sides for children to watch TV. Our TV-watching children increasingly view life as an entertainment extravaganze, in which they yearn to play a starring role, and here the nasty cont of so much modern broadcasting comes into play. Besides, it is hard to watch an evening of TV without encountering unspeakable violence, whose perpetrators are celebrated. Again, the effects of television viewing depend on program content and genre and parents should teach their children on choosing the right TV program to watch.


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