Television Fair. For fair-goers, television was an

Television first debuted in the USA as part of the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair. For fair-goers, television was an exciting part of “The World of Tomorrow” which at that time promised to be right at hand. The start of World War II delayed its actual public launch into American life until the 1950s.
In Australia television first aired in 1956 and has until the relatively recent advent of the internet and television streaming services held an unchallenged place as an avatar of entertainment and information in people’s homes and lives. In many ways it democratised both these things by providing it free to anyone who owned or had access to a TV set.
From the time it dropped into our lives television has divided the community with both its champions, who see it as a powerful force, the ubiquitous intermediate through which we learn about the world and coloured all aspects of our awareness; and it has had its critics who saw it as an accelerant in the decay of society. While its defenders blithely pronounce it as art for the masses its critics have variously described as the Idiot Box, the boob tube, the shit pump and the baby sitter among other colourful epithets.
Although an integral and indispensable part of life for generations, in the 21st century “World of Tomorrow” that exists today television has at last lost its dominance for people’s imagination and time.


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