Temüjin, different ways of how and when Temüjin

Temüjin, later known as Genghis Khan, was born in the early 1100’s named after a clan leader his father Yesügei defeated. There have been many stories all telling different ways of how and when Temüjin Khan was born.

Legend states that Temüjin was born with a blood clot in his hand stating his destiny was to become a leader, according to Mongol folklore. Another states that his first predecessor was a wolf giving him a destiny from the heavens. Khan was born and raised near the border of Mongolia and Siberia. Temüjin’s childhood was very harsh and unpredictable at the age of 9 his father was unsuspectedly poisoned to death from a their rival clan named Tartars while showing Temüjin his future bride Borte. After his father’s death, he was soon to have the position of clan chief but the clan refused to be lead by a young boy. Instead Temüjin, his mother and his six siblings were left by their clan so they didn’t have to be fed. While away from their clan they went on many hunting expeditions to which they would later have to share their food.

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Khan’s older half brother Bekhtar Khan had a quarrel with Temüjin after he would not share so instead Temüjin decided to kill him taking over the head position in their family At the age of 16 Temüjin married Borte which fused the alliance with Borte’s Konkrat tribe and his own. After being married to Borte, she was captured to be given as wife to the chieftain of the merkit tribe. While Kahn’s combined tribe was helpless against the Merkit tribe he soon then sought out help. Temüjin came to Toghril of the Kereit Tribe known as the most powerful Mongol prince. Temüjin’s father Yesügei had before cemented a relationship with the Kereit as a sworn brother.

Temüjin knew he had to bring offer to rekindle their friendship then brought his sable skin he obtained from a bridal gift since he didn’t really have anything to offer. But in exchange for the sable skin Toghril promised to reunite Temüjin’s scattered around mongolia. So Toghril gave Temujin 20,000 men from his army to Khan.

Tohgril also helped by persuading Jamuka, a childhood friend of Temüjin’s, to help supply an army as well. Shorty after Temüjin then went on to retrieve his bride after receiving an army. The Kereit tribe stood no match to the vast numbers of Khan’s army. When Borte was rescued she was impregnated by the chieftain and births her first son Jochi. Temüjin accepts Jochi as his own and then later having four sons and unknown amount of daughters and wives but having Jochi as his on male kin with Borte qualified to be a succession in the family. At the age of 20 Temüjin was captured by his former clan but then escaped with the help of one of the capturers since he recognized Temüjin and gave sympathy. As time passes Khan begins to start building an army starting with a little more the 20,000 men.

Khan had an amazing strategy where he divides his men into small groups to be more effective. But his only goal was the conquer anyone against him. According to ThenAgain it states “His armies wore a light form of armor that consisted of a quilted jacket or waterproof leather jacket. Underneath they wore a silk shirt, so if wounded in battle the arrow would not penetrate so deep.

The silk cloth would wrap around the arrow, reducing the chance of an infection, and lessening the magnitude of the wound. Genghis Khan, being a very smart man, organized his armies into smaller groups so they would be more effective”. He was known for being brutal merciless and ruthless. Anybody that opposes Khan has two choices surrender and come a slave or die. Genghis Khan was known for many great feats but many people do not know that he has shaped eurasia and the modern world that we know today.

Khan and the Mongols shaped the modern world  “Not for what they destroyed – though they wrought much destruction all over the continent – but for what they built. They came close to uniting Eurasia into a world empire, and in so doing they spread throughout it technologies like paper, gunpowder, paper money, or the compass” according to Aldo Matteucci. Not only did the Khan and the Mongols help spread technologies they were also the first modern army. A few examples are that they were very disciplined, highly mobile and efficient. They received orders from a centralized command and were in units of ten to make more efficient work. Aldo Matteucci also states “they also created the nucleus of a universal culture and world system.

(…) With the emphasis on free commerce, open communication, shared knowledge, secular politics, religious coexistence, international law, and diplomatic immunity.” Khan and the Mongols were different as they were willing to adopt and combine systems that worked best and spread everywhere. In conclusion Genghis Khan was the most successful ruler of all time.

He had a rough childhood growing up which led him to begin his campaign. The most influential part of his life was when his wife Borte.


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