Ten about my disability before my birth but

Ten decades ago, there was an arrival of a child with a disability of down syndrome and that kid was me. I still remember that time when I was treated like a useless and subhuman organism on the planet. The people in that time were believing a child with a disability as a sign of disfavour from the God. I wasn’t aware of my disability until I came across those mischief. My parents knew about my disability before my birth but still they gave me a birth with a thought that I will survive in this cruel world meanwhile they were also fighting the strong battle against the society.

Apart from that, I was studying in the school of normal people. Therefore, on the daily basis they were making fun of my physical appearance, mental abilities and many more. Due to lack of an effective health care and proper education system, my symptoms were getting worse. As a result, I dropped my school. I got no choice rather than staying in the home. I spent my whole adulthood in guilt that I couldn’t act like a normal person. I wasn’t even able to socialise myself because of the sharpest words from the people around me was cutting me down.

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Now this is 2121 and it is the biggest turning point of my life. I get a help from a non-profit organisation “Canadian down syndrome society” with the support of my parents. This organisation empowers the Canadian with down syndrome. This advancement develops my skills in many ways. Before I joined this organisation, I was only considering myself as a stigma, but this organisation made me feel that I just got an extra chromosome there is nothing wrong with it, its just being a normal adult. After this drastic change in me people are accepting me in the community. There is shift in the thinking about people with disabilities in the society because of such organisations.

Now, I can make my own decisions and can work like a normal person. I don’t want any person to suffer the difficulties which I had experienced in my life. That’s why I am helping the disabled people to improve their lifestyle and spreading awareness of the organisations that is built for them. I can proudly say that “I make no apologies, this is me”. I am who I’m meant to be.


I'm Casey!

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