TERRORISM of our land. Rich keep on

TERRORISM IN PAKISTANPakistan plays a key and highly conflicted role in the global war on terror. Today terrorism is threatening the very roots and fabric of Pakistan’s nationhood. More tragically, terrorism in Pakistan draws its justification from the very faith which provides the country its ideological bases.

MAJOR CAUSES OF TERRORISM IN PAKISTAN:• Political Instability• Economic Conditions • Standard of Living• Religious ExtremismThe political and economic condition of our country is playing a very important role in the current situation of terrorism in our country. Economy is down and sometimes in such situations poverty leads to violence which is the very condition of our land.Rich keep on getting richer and poor never get a chance to quit poverty. People from such low classes are very easy to manipulate by some money in the name of their family’s good future. They can and are being mind washed into doing bomb blasts and killing innocent people in the name of “Shahadat”.

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SOLUTION:• The real solution is to kill the root of terrorism and systematically change the attitude of those people who are involved in terrorism. • Military operations against terrorists are also very necessary.• Education, justice and rightful politics can stop terrorism.• Preventing and resolving conflicts with Talibans and other religious groups.• A fully demarcated border with Afghanistan which will prevent the foreign intrusion in the country.• Strengthening the protection of weak targets.• The government should enter into serious negotiations with Washington on the issues of drone attacks so that our sovereignty should be preserved as we reserve the rights to undertake actions on our land.


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