The advantages of Bi-Slide are: ? Higher

The µ ECM structure that was developed consistes of a lot of components. A figure of the a variety of system component is given in Figure 24.The system components are as below, 1. Velmex BiSlide and V X M-1 controller.

2. Agilent 33250 A function generator.3. Tektronix TD S 1002 B oscilloscope.4. Fluke 45 multimeter.5. Conair electrolytes pump.

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6. Pioneer X R-P 310 amplifier.5.2. DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTS 5.

2.1. VelmexBi-Slide and VXM-1 Controller TheVelmex Bi-Slide is a modular system of positioning stages and hardware that allows to quickly and easily creating a complete multi-axis, high accuracy positioning system with lead screw resolution of 0.00025″, and repeatability of 0.

00015″.1The Bi-Slide is designed to accommodate NEMA size 23 and 34 motors which can be used for precise positioning applications.The Bi-Slide can be controlled by a computer by means of suitable interface. . The major advantages of Bi-Slide are: ? Higher strength to weight ratio – uses hard aluminum alloys and a strong I-beam cross section. ? PTFE bearings deliver much lower friction than metal sliding on metal.

? Operates without lubricant.? Resistant to impact loads. ? 300 lb load carrying capacity. The use of this positioning system enabled the tool movement to be controlled by a computer and the system could be automated. Micro tool movement within the micro machining zone was highly crucial for effective machining to take place (Bhattacharyya, Malapati, andMunda 2005).The Bi-Slide that was configured for use with this system can move in the X and Z axis and rotate about the X axis.

The tool was mounted on an arm that was securely


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