The the actions of the Chicago Police involved

The 1968 presidential convention the debate of William F. Buckley Jr. an American nationality whom he referred himself as either libertarian or conservative and Gore Vidal also an American nationality but he was on a democratic party in fact in 1960 he ran for ofiice in the congress as a democratic candidate for the 29th Congressional District of New York. Go back to their debate in 1968 as I watched through Netflix, my first reaction was that these two persons were definitely intelligent and learned in fact they were both well known that was why they were invited to have a debate on what was happened during the democratic convention over the actions of the Chicago Police involved in supposedly taking down the Viet Cong flag. A lighter side of the debate Buckley was incredibly fluent when it comes to vocabulary he uses many words one word among the many words was “ostracize” but I can’t understand well when he delivered his speech because the sound of his voice seems to come through his nose while Vidal I can hear it well and can understand what he said and I am sure the TV channel earned more profit to their debate. Both the two i can say that they didn’t like each other.

The serious side upon watching their debate both the two men were intelligent. Buckley used whatever he could pull to bolster his argument he got it right and has the intelligence to explain the distinctions of freedoms of assembly and the rights if those who aren’t provoking violence. There were insulted words like Vidal called Buckley as “crypto-Nazi” and Buckley called Vidal “queer”.They both called each other bad names. My opinion calling Buckley by Vidal as crypto-Nazi instantly lose Vidal the debate because in my opinion his statement was below the belt anyway two could cut someone to shreds without any bloodshed.? I can see Buckley get angry when he was being called by Vidal as crypto-Nazi and Buckley lose his coolness there by calling Vidal queer and threatens to beat him up. If this debate happened now in 2018 instead of 1968, I am sure Buckley and Vidal would have started beating each other up and Howard K. Smith would have had to run across the anchor booth to try to break them up.

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? Both Buckley and Vidal were classically educated gentlemen and intellectual equals, however, in this case Buckley allowed Vidal to get under his skin and lost it but regained his composure. Debate rule number one, never let your debate opponent unsettle you emotionally or you will lose. I don’t even know about this debate happen in 1968 just know it now and learn about it remembering this point of history I am young to understand the complexities of the issues being debated but whatever I am in favor of a democratic party but raising the Viet Cong flag during demonstration was a provocative and it was natural action for the chicago police to taking down the flag. In my opinion I agree Buckley when he explain the distinctions of freedoms of assembly and the rights if those who aren’t provoking violence also he said the reason we succeeded as society is because we exclude certain things. On the part of Vidal what I like most when he said in his last words before Mr. Smith cut if off because there was no time was, if you are going to have freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, you must be able to say it.

That is the point of this whole country and once this is abrogated then I think we might just as well stop these wars of freedom. What are we doing in Vietnam if you cannot freely express yourself in the streets of Chicago?” Vidal Well said it and so true to this very day, stop the war of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, Palestine and free the Palestinian People from the tyranny of Israel.?Unfortunately, neither side provides any good argument. But one thing I learn from this debate I think Mr. Buckly was the better debater, but that Mr.

Vidal got the better of the argument and this was a simply amazing moment in American history, and I am lucky that my instructor in my subject IS 11 required me to watch the debate and to have it presented to me on Netflix and youtube channel.


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