The the goal of stopping the dispersed

The ability to creativity is the guarantor of successA successful future has already come for those who are singled out from the crowd: • Creativity; • non-standard solutions; • Cognition; • emotional intellect; • ability to solve problems in a complex manner; • a critical view of what is happening; • the ability to coordinate their activities with others and, at the same time, remain independent.Potentially, each of us can play, even not genius, any role and nurture ourselves by anyone, even a creative genius. But most of us cling to the habit of being on a garbage dumped with two hands and satisfied with the views of life from a fungus-covered cellar. We are afraid to move to the fragrant lawn of life and look at the world from the high bell tower through the eyes of the divine being: optimistic, positive, free, non-standard, creative.Almost all of us have to get out of the cocoon of old thinking, because the primitive postulates of a serene past simply do not correspond to the raging rancor of the day. The mission of this individual is fraught with enormous difficulties, because it is not easy to jump off the express train of a dying civilization, rushing all the way to the abyss.

The task of the person of the present is not at all the goal of stopping the dispersed machine of the absurd. The task of the person from the present is to get off the decaying unit, which is useless to reform, and to move to a fundamentally new ship capable of firmly staying afloat. Become a creator and creator, analyst and practitioner, leader and ruler. Do not try to minimize costs and do not try to reanimate the deceased engine. And to create useful innovative know-how.Each of us has incredible potential to see non-standard ways and generate fresh creative solutions.

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However, we simply do not try it, so our genius does not become a habit. We do not make any attempts, therefore we do not have the skills to create artistic masterpieces, scientific breakthroughs, technical revolutions, brilliant discoveries.How to develop creativity? Discovering our geniusIt’s never too late to learn and develop your creativity, elevating this quality to the rank of a habit. Only persistent practice will help to go beyond the framework of standard thinking and unite unconnected clues to create a new idea. It is action – the catalyst of cardinal life changes. So how do we act to develop creativity? This will be discussed later.Take the time for creative breakthroughsThis act is necessary because most of us are accustomed to act according to the ritual schedule and strict schedule of the day.

Unforeseen circumstances and changes in the regime simply knock us out of the rut. Therefore, at first we take our time for the birth of fresh ideas and the development of creativity. The period defined for the development of creativity should be chosen in such a way that the brain is not overloaded with the solution of current problems. Generating new solutions is not possible when the mind is focused on writing a report or is concerned about the humming of a vacuum cleaner.Do not ignore your inspirationOften newly created creative associations sneak into our heads at the wrong time and in an inappropriate place. Non-standard ideas can pierce our brains when we brush our teeth or watch closely the float on a fishing rod.

In others, the peak of development of creativity is observed in a drowsy state before falling asleep or illuminates during sleep. Often we ignore phenomenal thoughts, which, offended by our disregard, prefer to bypass the abode of our brains. We take for the rule: we hang a notebook with a pencil around our neck and do not part with our “luck charm”. As soon as we visit any non-standard, albeit idiotic, in our opinion, we immediately “materialize” creativity on paper.We are acting on the leadTo sit and wait for the cancer on the mountain to whistle, and we will have the ability to be creative – stupid and useless. We do not expect the visit of the mysterious muse, but we strain the existing convolutions. On what kind of project we are now working, before the implementation of actions, we set ourselves the task of solving the problem in a different, creative way. To develop creativity, we carefully study the questions: • “Is there an opportunity to do the work differently?”; • “What would the genius Petya Vasechkin take in my place?”; • “Can Vasy Petechkin’s method be applied to solving the problem?”; • “How will the value of the product change if I do this and will not do this?”; • “Can I make the second step first, and then the first one?”; • “What actions can be rejected without prejudice?”.

We deprive ourselves of the comfortsQuite often, to look at the world with other eyes and develop creativity, it is necessary to deliberately deprive yourself of comfortable conditions. It is deliberate to leave the zone of habitual conveniences and force your brain to find ways to adapt to new conditions. Staying in a new environment, strikingly different from the previous one, makes you join not only consciousness, but orders you to wake up to the subconscious. To jointly search for the optimal variant, the brain works in an emergency mode, and in the stream of standard solutions, signs of creativity often appear in the form of non-trivial ideas.Try everything new and everything in a new wayThe ideal method to develop creativity is to stimulate the flowering of your brain due to novelty and variety of impressions.

Refine the perception of the environment can consciously withdraw from long-existing schemes and standard actions. What can we really do? Daily and every minute to expose themselves to new tests. • To develop the creativity, we, the right-handers, take the fork in the left hand.

• Instead of the usual sandwich for breakfast, eat oatmeal. • Instead of scalding coffee, drink iced green tea. • If we are accustomed to go to work in a personal car with comfort, we conduct a walk to the office. • We change the traditional classic costume with boats for worn jeans and ragged sneakers. • We begin to communicate fruitfully with a colleague, whom we can not tolerate in spirit.• As a dock in English, we begin to study the hieroglyphics. • Even if we have a bear in our ear, we take guitar lessons.

• Feel free to skate, even if we look like a cow on ice. • Instead of having to watch the evening news, we listen to Mozart’s Sonata.Trying to do everything on the contraryTo develop creativity, you do not need to wait for scorching sparks of inspiration, but try to solve the existing problem “back to front.” Many of us are accustomed to starting our working day by sorting out the priority difficulties, leaving in the end small inessential details. Try the opposite: first we perform the easiest, leaving the snack complex. When we get tired people squeezed like a lemon, to a bunch of difficulties, the ability to creativity will simply have to manifest itself so that the work day will end.

If we are to write paper in the form of writing a long report, we try to write it not from the beginning, but from the end, formulating the conclusions, and gradually creeping to the title. It is this method that helps me to survive the suffering of writing a treatise on a complex scientific topic.We do not reflect on the resultsQuite often a hindrance to the development of creativity of thinking is fixation on the ultimate goal and absolute inattention to the ways of achieving it. Such a mistake can be fully compared with walking in an unfamiliar city. If we look forward to finding ourselves in some eminent cathedral, and do not look at the map or listen to the navigator’s tips, we stop watching the right turn, we are unlikely to get to the right place. Similarly, during the execution of any action, we need to monitor whether in the right place we turned, learn how to make the shortest path, so as not to wander in the labyrinth.Keep creative task at a distanceIt is established that the chances of manifesting abilities for creativity are much greater if the final of the creative project is removed in time. When the outlined execution schemes of the task do not loom continually before the eyes.

The less we see reminders about the project and feel the need for haste, the more brilliant ideas appear in our minds. Therefore, if we want to give birth to something really worthwhile and original, do not set ourselves exact terms and do not paint step-by-step recipes. We act by inspiration and according to the creative route, which will offer insight.Do not try to work in complete silenceTranquility and loneliness are important conditions for the qualitative work of logical thinking. However, complete silence and grace will not at all become an assistant to creative insight.

Monotonously acting noises, soft soft sounds introduce a person into a natural trance, and allow the subconscious to push through fresh ideas.We catch high and creativity in motionAll of us know for certain that regular physical activity is a pledge of good health. However, without development, it is also impossible to develop creativity. Fast running, swimming, cycling activates the resources of our body, cleans from accumulated waste and debris of the past, stimulates mental processes. Therefore, if we want to become Einstein and open our own relativity theorem, we sit on the bicycle and forward – for creativity.


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