The of media technology has substituted social

The advancement of technology throughout the years has benefited society.

Technology has changed the way humans live; in this day in era, society cannot go a single day without technology. Technology affects multiple factors of ones daily life such as the economy, health standards and most importantly, human interaction. Although technology has been beneficial to society’s growth, this has not gone without negative effects. The developments in technology has allowed society to communicate in multiple ways, that were impossible before.

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People across the globe can be instantly connected, without leaving their homes. Although multi-media has made it easier to communicate with others it has caused a decrease in the way society interacts. The use of media technology has substituted social interactions between individuals. Developments in communication, has caused individuals to spend much of their time with electronic devices rather than creating relationships with others. Human interaction and technology have a negative correlation with one another, as society’s dependence on technology increases human interaction decreases. Technology has caused some individuals to become addicted to the virtual world making it harder for them to interact in the physical world. When one steps into a public establishment, one notices that much of the individuals inside are interacting with some sort of electronic device as opposed to interacting with one other.

Modern technology has negatively affected social interaction and communications between individuals. Although technology is efficient, the developments is decreasing human interaction rather than improving it. Technology affects every aspect of society’s daily life. Individuals need to limit their reliance on technology in order to reduce their dependence on it. Media technology can be used for interaction, such as watching a movie and discussing it afterwards.

It is important for individuals to consume new media together, thus promoting human interaction, instead of isolation. As an alternative to allowing technology to alter significant priorities, society should restrict their use of technology and consider it a benefit rather than a necessity.


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