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The After-Effects of a Knee Replacement SurgeryKnee replacement surgeries are one of the most common orthopedic surgeries in the medical world. There are many aspects of a knee replacement surgery that are essential to know before opting for a knee replacement surgery. It is important to note that there are many recorded cases of persistent knee pain after a knee replacement surgery and is one of the most common post-op complications of knee replacement surgery. A knee replacement surgery involves the removal of the worn out cartilage and shaping of the ends of the knee bone which is then fitted with a metal implant with a plastic shaper in between the implants.

This procedure is supposed to bring back maximum mobility and eradicate all or any kind of knee pain completely. For a better understanding of the knee replacement procedure, one can go through a knee replacement video among the many that are available over the internet. After a knee replacement surgery is successfully carried out and rehabilitation process is completed, almost 90% of the patients have rated their outcome as good or even excellent, but the other 10% have reported mild or severe persistent pain in the knee, which again makes the whole knee replacement procedure useless. There are various kinds of reasons which cause knee pain after a knee replacement surgery, some are as common as a post-operative infection or a bone fracture around the area of the knee replacement surgery, while some are not so common and obvious to detect. A few of them are listed below: 1.

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Post-op infection: Infections are a serious concern for patients after a knee replacement surgery. Although the signs of infection are very obvious but even small infections may cause persistent pain and should raise an immediate alarm for concern. 2.

Kneecap problems: Kneecap related problems are one of the most common causes of persistent pain in the knee after a knee replacement surgery. Kneecap problems are the most common problems as a significant amount of force is applied to the kneecap even while performing basic activities like sitting on a chair or running. 3. Alignment issues: Although most patients are more concerned about the brand of implants that are used, whereas form a medical point of view it actually is much less important than how well the implant is fitted in so as to avoid alignment issues.

One can check out a knee replacement video before opting for this procedure in order to be well informed about the surgery, so as to work accordingly and appropriately. 4. Wearing and loosening of the implant: This is a concern for patients with a knee implant after years of decades of the knee replacement surgery. This is, however, one of the rarest causes of persistent knee pain after a total knee replacement surgery.

Patients facing any kind of discomfort or pain after the completion of rehabilitation process post a total knee replacement surgery are firmly advised to see a medical expert or a surgeon immediately. The surgeon will evaluate the pain in several steps and find out an appropriate diagnosis based on the quality and type of pain described by the patient.


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