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The aim of this assignment is to emphasize the critical role of Human Resource Management in relation to driving employee engagement in order to increase the performance of an organization.

What is HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT?Human resource management refers to the management of human capital – employees who contribute to the achievement of business goals. Their role is to recruit, hire and organize people so that they can effectively and efficiently perform work activities. HR is also responsible for maintaining good work culture within an organization.

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This simply means to provide good communication and relationships between offices within a company, there should be a safe and fun work environment which will eliminate any stressful or awkward situations that may decrease the performance of any employee. By communicating efficiently and treating every employee as equal will increase employee engagement which in return gives a higher job satisfaction. 28/11/2018 Another important role of HR is to create, implement and supervise policies/regulations and make sure that every employee understands the meaning and importance of such policies. KEY FUNTIONS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTAs mentioned above HRM plays a key role in determining the survival, effectiveness, and competitiveness of businesses.

Depending on the type and size of the company they can deal with a range of different functions. Outlined below are some of the major functions of the HR department and the importance of them within an organization;• Recruitment and SelectionOne and the foremost key function of HRM is to recruit and select the best candidates to fill job vacancies. There are two types of recruitment; internal and external. Internal recruitment is where the business gives a chance (through promotion) to the existing employees within the organization to apply for the specified job position. External recruitment is looking outside the business for any suitable applicants to fill in the job vacancy. No matter what type of recruitment process companies are using, HR managers and hiring managers should always ensure that they comply with Employment Equality Acts 1998–2015. • Human Resource Planning (workforce planning) Strategic Workforce Planning is defined as a continual process used to align the needs and priorities of the organization with those of its workforce. This process is very important because it determines the quantity and quality of employees needed to accomplish organizational goals. While most organizations understand the need and the importance for strategic workforce planning, many of them still struggle with this process. To help organizations and HR departments there are a lot of workforce planning tools and techniques to make this process a lot easier.


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