The demographic background and teachers’ experience were

The aim of this study is to know what is the effect of a 30 minute crazy English reading intervention to students with reading difficulties. Accordingly, the study is conducted as follows, first, the respondents of the study are Grade 6 students of Lagtang Elementary School. The study examines the effect of teachers variables’ ( sex, qualification and years of experience ), and the effect of the students’ variables ( uneducated parents, low- income, low- self confidence and physically and mentally challenged on reading difficulties and how to deal with them.

In order to to achieve the study objectives, the researcher employs two different data collection intruments, one questionnaire and one interview. First questionnaire in English for the teacher and one quiestionnaire for the students. Second, the study used and interview as second data for the study.The results of the study showed that reading difficulties faced by the students in reading English has many factors based on students’ demographic background and teachers’ experience were high.

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In addition, the context ,reading materials , teaching technique,timing or reading readiness and attitudes has a significant effect on the reading difficulties. In the light of the findings of the study, the researcher recommend continous professional development for the teachers to be able to provide unlimited knowledge to teach their students the reading skills and techniques and how to win confidence in reading.Keywords: gender, qualification, years of experience, uneducated parents, low- income family, low-self-confidence, physically and mentally active


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