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The Airbus A380 connects the most progressive aviation technology with an inspired cabin design. It has celebrated for the outstanding quality in every aspect of the aircraft, leading the industry in high standards for innovation, efficiency and experience (Airbus, 2018). In this essay, some segments of the A380 will be shed the light on. To begin with, the A380 is a plane that is powered by GP7000, which is an engine family that is designed for long distances.

It is made up of two of the most successful wide-body engine programs in the entire aviation history, which are the GE90 and PW4000 families. The GP7000 has a wide range of 311-340 kN and a fan diameter of 2.96 meters. In addition to that, there are three models for the engine, GP7270, GP7277 and GP7272 Furthermore, MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s largest aero engine manufacturer. Hence, the engine is part of the MTU Maintenance portfolio. (GP7000 turbofan engine, 2018).

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The second thing is the flight control in A380, which includes primary flight controls, which control the roll, yaw and pitch attitudes, while the secondary flight controls also known as the high lift system which controls the lift of the wing. Also. It generates an aerodynamic effect to enable the use of high angles of attack and trailing edge flaps. There are several flight control surfaces such as spoilers, ailerons, slats, flaps, elevators and rudders (Bossche, 2006). To conclude with, the A380 has some safety factors. The A380 has 3 type A emergency exits on UD and 5 type A emergency exists on MD. The concept of emergency evacuation in A380 has two independent passenger decks and rafts for main and upper deck exists.

To illustrate more, the rafts were tested and built by the two leading emergency systems evacuation manufacturers, which are the Air Cruisers Company and Goodrich in co-operation with Airbus that focuse on stability and evacuation performance (Lauber, 2006).


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