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The Airplane industry proves to be a vital business that requires adaptation frequently to the changing market forces. The predication of a long-term demand for airplanes in the future demands assumptions, research and development, about the business and its relevancy that will structure the airline industry far into the future.

There is various of factors that come to play, and these differ market from market. Though, categorized as such:• The vast demand for air travel globally. • The regulatory, infrastructure, and technology environment of the air plane.• The strategies and products airlines offer in the marketplace.Boeing have a lot of competition in the airline industry coming from the other four major manufacturers of civil transport aircraft the closest being Airbus. Boeing’s support and services work closely to improve operational processes, broad customer support services network that stretch over the products cycle life and its price elasticity which doesn’t affect quality of the services helps it maintain the competitive edge in the market in contrast to its competitors in the market. The high research and development spending that Boeing conducts although might affect the company’s net earning but also its business in top form as it improves the quality and the life cycle of its product.

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