The a package of knowledge that is “practice-oriented

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and Grand Canyon University (GCU) both laid emphasis on providing students with a package of knowledge that is “practice-oriented with a goal that professionals develop cutting-edge skills and information for professional roles, and those programs that are more theoretically or research directed with a goal of developing scholars for the generation of new knowledge.

” (“The Essentials Of Master’s Education For Advanced Practice Nursing,” n.d., p. 1) .

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The AACN and GCU both acknowledge a golden value of master level prepared nurse to be competitive, skilled, critical thinker with effective communication skill and culturally sensitive to deliver the competent care ethically to the healthcare communities. A master prepared nurse uses an evidence based nursing practice supported with research and critical thinking knowledge to remit the highest quality of care for the patients and their families (GCU’s Mission and Vision, 2015). Both AACN and GCU realize the important for the masters prepared nurse to be culturally sensitive and understanding of others, and themselves.

Using evidence based practice through research and thinking critically helps the masters prepared nurse to deliver only the uppermost quality of care to their patients, families, and the communities they serve.


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