The 1000 laborers showed that 14% of

The American dream is a term that represents hope for Americans. The America dream means that anyone can achieve his own success in society regardless of color or ethnic. This term was coined by James Adams in 1931, which was the beginning of the trial to equalize the chances of success regardless of the social situation.

Currently, the effect of the American dream has appeared through jobs, elections, and sanctions by equalizing the opportunities to be involved in these things without bias. Several economists argue that the American dream is no longer exist, while other experts disagree. The American dream is dead due to two reasons, the inequality between citizens still exists and the old workforce is being abused. One significant reason that the American dream is an illusion made by the country is that the inequality between the citizens still exists. There is a huge disparity between white and black people in America. According to Martinovich (2017), in the 1930s the white race took subsidization mortgaged, while the black people were refused to have this support.

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This means that that the white people were favorable by the government over black people by giving them opportunities that black people couldn’t have, which shows the bias for white Americans. The American dream objects these behaviors, in fact, it is exactly the opposite of the American dream’s meaning. Therefore, the term American dream is just a cover used by the country to show the media and the world that America is perfect while the truth is otherwise. The second major reason that the American dream is not achieved is that the old workforce is being abused. In old ages, the work gets harder for the person, which why the government should assist them by giving them advantages like, transportation discounts or free treatments. However, the fact of what is happening just none of these, but even worse, there are workers who didn’t get their pension, which is one of their rights.

An analysis of about 1000 laborers showed that 14% of laborers have their final period of work filled for insolvency, confronted liens for late debts, or both(Whoriskey,2018). This suggests that that the companies are controlling the markets on the benefit of the employees, and even loot their rights without any judgment for them, which shows the corruption on that society. Finally, the American dream is not achievable due to the corruption of the society and the inequity for the workers. In conclusion, the American dream is just word without a work to cover the ugly truth from spreading out. If the government wants truly to apply the meaning of the American dream it must fix the mechanism of running the jobs and putting rules and severe punishments for those who Violates them. Consequently, the American dream will be possible and achievable in the future.


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