The off track with some severe consequences.

The American “policing” role has had noble intentions and ultimate success during the Cold War, but in fighting terror it has gotten off track with some severe consequences.When Eisenhower was president, his administration has made major changes in our nation’s military policies. The first thing that he did while in office was to cut the size of our military and then he places a new emphasis upon the atomic weapons the US military planning, the reason being the threat of “massive retaliation” and to “deter” communist aggression.

Since the mid-20th century, the United States has become the most dominant force in international relations. Our United States military has played a dominate role doing whatever they had to, too try and restore peace plus trying to deal with the injustices in all the communities. We can trace the US being involved in international events for probably the past 5 years, tracing it back to foreign policies that were created after the Civil War. Due to our upscale and the sophistication of our military we have been on the front line since the end of World War 11, they’re reasoning for doing this was to try and create peace in areas that have been facing constant conflicts regarding people’s of faith they were being attacked, stealing of their oil, and their safety was being threatened, plus the other purpose was to make sure that the other regions were safe as well. In 1950 it was a time of compliance, conformity, maybe a little rebellion, materialistic in nature and a social conservativeness. During the Cold War, there have been major reasons for the US to act as the world’s police “Since there are two competing superpower militaries we Americans and the Soviet Union they both were allies both were weak because of trying to recover bounce back and trying to rebuild from a weak economy from the wake of World War 11. The Americans we are still a superpower the world just changed, we ‘er not Bipolar anymore we’re multipolar,(lol) Yes Russia is still a major power source, but they don’t have the same threat as the Soviet Union since 1945 the US is the most influential of the Four Policeman victorious in World War 11”.

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Soon after Reagan took office, he did get the 52 hostages released, with the agreement that ( President Carter had just signed hours before). There were questions being asked wondering if Reagan struck a secret deal with the Iranians, ( my belief he did) he never addressed the battle against terrorism, he just sounded a warning. We have more than “700.000” active duty military personal to be the world’s policeman. Trust that it’s costing the US to do so, all the equipment that needs to be maintained for all that manpower, it’s costing the pentagon more than 60 percent of their budget.

Did you know that another cost to the US policing other countries security is the “wear and tear of the operations in Afghanistan) Yet our tax dollars are paying for it all? Do you feel safe here, I don’t this President has stirred up so much controversie with other countries that’s it’s real scary. The Europeans they can protect themselves from Russia, so can Japan and South Korea they both can shoulder the primary burden for their defense. We have been policing our country and others which seems like since the end of time.The world that we live in today and with who’s in charge now there will all ways be emergencies there will always be the possibility that our survival may depend on us to meet these emergencies.

Even with the sophistication of our military lets pray that we will always have that capacity to do so. We will always have the sacristy of Nuclear weapons they will continue to have a significant influence on international security for the “foreseeable future”. (Their elimination has not been seriously considered in any of the nuclear weapons states except theThe United States and the United Kingdom. France, Russia, China, India,Pakistan and North Korea have shown no such inclination. Indeed,Russia, China, India, and Pakistan are all embarked on major nuclear weapons modernization programs.

) In such a world as this and with all the threats that we receive the United States will always be a target we will continue to need an effective and viable deterrent hoping to prevent a nuclear attack or the risk of being blackmailed against our allies and ourselves. How much is enough what is a deterrent while the US I guessed modernized it, but the other nations keep moving forward with it? Are we safe in our own county? NO!!! I feel that it’s time to stop being the world’s police, the US has gone into debt deeply over this, coming from our military involvement in other countries conflicts, its not our problem, we are spending trillions to police the world with our tax payer dollars, enough is enough…We should not have to continue to shoulder burdens of the other countries defense. Look at who Trump is populating his office with the state of national security and that (Rex Tillerson) He ‘s is no different than Trumps grandose psychopathology. All we can do at this point is pray, pray and pray.

The business that I’m trying to start, I believe that whats happening now will effect the business that I’m starting up, The trust in others are gone, Its so much hatred in the world now, and people will only deal with a certain race, banl loans, finding investers it all will be tested I see it daily in my work environment, the unfair practices of politics its not cool, its unfair how certain people are being targeted just because of ther head wrapes, and the color of your skin, and relegion. What a world we live in, (in fear of the unknown) The police, is a joke, its so much that going in in the world and other crimes that so sacnificant, but there to busy tracking down black men and kids to shoot down in the streets, did they not take an oath to serve and protect ? yeah they did but that’s only for the white race., because of the trust that the people that your dealing with IN GOD WE TRUST.


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PEÑA • February 6, 2017How America Became the World’s Policeman: By Wendy McElroy – March 19, 2015


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