The American Transcendentalists were a group of thinkers from New England that believed the knowledge you acquire through intuition is superior than the one you gain from reason. They believed that people should be discovering themselves through a connection with nature and should think on an individualistic level. They adopted beliefs from the Hindus and the Buddhist religions such as pantheism, that says all things in the universe are connected into one divine entity. One of the most famous transcendentalists is Henry David Thoreau, who advocated self-reliance and practiced the literal form of transcendentalism by going back to live in nature. Transcendentalism has had some influence on our modern day lives, such as those people who want to reject materialism and want to live a more spiritual life. What impressed me was the difference of opinion people can have when comes to their spiritual life. I agree with the fact that one shouldn’t be 100% materialistic in life, but I disagree with the idea that one should just go back to the forest and reject all technology.


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