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The design industry is an immense world of colour and has allowed me to recognise my ambitions and convey this forwardthrough any project set upon me. With a uniquepiece of furniture, the possibilities are endless, there will always be peoplewho share similar my thought process, thus understand the ambition that hasgone into my projects. Going into studying at a degree level, I wantto have the ability to move forward onto the standard processing of material and think more in-depth of properties and whatworks well, as experimentation is the key for any designer to develop asuccessful design. New materials have never been at hand to me which would havebeen the more charitable choice, but now I feel as though there is a lot morefreedom of choice with materials and processing machinery that I can use.With this course I want to be expanded on the prospects and capacities thatis needed to succeed within this industry. Some of therequired areas of design that I have worked on throughout the years with 2D and 3D prototyping,using Adobe software’s and working with Solidworks and Sketchup has really helped to visualise all aspects of the design ofthe product on a realistic scale, adding all thesmall components in to make it complete.

 This has granted me to use my imagination to bea better innovative thinker.  I’ve found that working on my own small briefs,where problem solving, and visual awareness need to take place to excess.Many art galleries have left a deep mark on me, because of thepure design and thought that has gone into every single piece of art. Recent visits tothe Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert museum, prompt me to distinguish the shear thought thathas gone into the product to make the life of the user a lot easier. This has allowed me to think for myself of how I could use this in my own work, how I would think around the easier and choose the replicable option thinking towards real production and manufacturingtechniques.Studying product design for GCSE and for A Levels, Throughout theyears I’ve worked on several small brief and larger brief which has allowed totake advantage of the range of styles, working with small components, the demand of the users,manufacturing processing, experimenting with materials. The biggest aspect is that goingout and communicating with clients and the potentialmarket has allowed me to consider beyondthe aesthetics but how the user wouldbenefit from it.

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 I found that it made the designing stage a lot easier and hassaves time. As a designer I want to be at to getto that stage in life where my sketches andrenders are brought to life, within a real design team. Where do I see myself at the end of this degree is workingwith prop makers in the media and interior designs designing the products thatwould be used, and thinking how each piece of furniture will fit in with its surroundings. I’m hoping that this degreewould educate me with right knowledge aboutthe industry right fromthe bottom to the top of the table, picking up allthe vital skills and personal growth that is needed to be successfulwithin this industry.


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