THE fact that our Constitution provides that

THE PROBLEM AND ITSBACKGROUND A.   Introduction All over the world, elections are a means ofchoosing representatives, in the 1980’s there was a general increase inelectoral choice. But while elections allow voter participation, thisparticipation is distorted by lack of education among the voter and the voted.Elections are also distorted because under our system, the successful candidatemight be the choice of only a majority. Ofthe 50 Million voters, the greater majority is not intelligent, they are noteducated for voting and the candidates they choose are not educated forserving. The problem is the result of the fact that our Constitution providesthat no literacy requirement shall be imposed on voters. Furthermore, althoughthe constitution provides that a Senator should be literate and that he shouldbe able  to read and write, the sameconstitution  does not require anyeducational attainment on  the part ofany candidate.


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ph/press_release/2012/1122_santiago1.asp) Itis very strange that under the Police Act, no person can be appointed apoliceman, unless he has a college degree. But any person can become apresident, vice-president, senator, or congressman of the country even withouta college degree. The 1987 Constitution provides that noperson may be elected unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, aregistered voter, at least 40 years of age, able to read and write and aresident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding suchelection.

These mandates of the constitution are too broad and in effect, therehad been a large number of Filipino Citizens who file for candidacy everyelection. How many are those in the Philippines? The constitution furtherprovides for a system of scholarship grants, students loan programs, subsidiesand other incentives. If this is the case, then a truly intelligent andhardworking person will be able to find a way to finish college. But again, theConstitution does not require any candidates for public office to possess anyeducational attainment.

If a policeman needs to have college degree, whyshouldn’t we impose the same requirement on president, vice-president, senatorsand congressmen?                             B.  STATEMENTOF THE PROBLEM This study focused on the leadership qualityof the Philippine elective officials at the National level through theimposition of Academic Qualification. More specifically, the proponent soughtto answer the following questions:1.    Howimportant are qualifications of the Philippine elective officials at thenational level? 2.    Howqualifications of Philippine elective officials at the national level affect tothe global competitiveness of the nation?3.    Howdoes existing legislation move to consider leadership quality.C.

  CONCEPTUALFRAMEWORKThe main objective of this study was to knowwhether the existing qualifications of the elective officials of national levelare sufficient to address and support the needs of every Filipino Citizen, toconfront the biggest scandal in the country – poverty. The 1987 Constitutionserved as the backbone of this study in the domestic legislation for theimprovement of leadership quality. Foreign laws and jurisprudence were alsoused as bases of this thesis.                                                                    FIGURE 1. ConceptualFramework                InFigure 1, the proponent then scrutinized the 1987 Philippine Constitution todetermine the sufficiency of the existing laws by the process of analysis andresearch.

Further, extensive research and analysis on the current situationbased on the materials gathered were used. The sufficiency of the existing lawsof the Country was determined based on the current situation of the leadershipin the Philippines. The figure also shows the need for enactment of a lawmodifying the qualifications of the elective officials at the national levelthat could help better address the undertakings of the country.                 Further,this study tried to come up with the understanding that the Philippines, as ofthe country with fast growing economies, can be more responsive in restoringpublic trust, sustainable development and recognize its directive of globallycompetitive leaders to have good governance. By analyzing the data and relevantlaws, the proponent was able to address the need of a more amenable, reliable,and durable action from the State in providing good governance. D.  SIGNIFICANCEOF THE STUDYThirty years (30) had passed since the 1987Philippine Constitution became the Supreme Law of the Land.

It embracesdifferent mandates for the protection and promotion of its inhabitans.


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