The purchase. Play store is the only

The android market place, an online store, providing software applications from google and apps that are mostly third party and can run on android platform powered devices. The market place was officially open for access to the public in October of the year 2008. The now commonly known Google Play Store was remarshaled and renamed in March of 2012. It is at this time that they introduced a malware examining app to check for and get rid of malware threats. It is the approved platform in which purchase or download of apps for tablets and smartphones, either semi-smart or fully smart, is permitted. After re branding, Google separated Google Play store into a few subdivisions for easy access according to what the client will be looking for.

That is to say that, apps could now be accessed in the Play store, music in Play music, movies in Play movies & Tv and books in Play books. This access platform for google apps comes pre-installed on every android device upon their purchase. Play store is the only way that apps can primarily be stationed in the devices without disabling settings that prohibit off the market app installation.

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