The Turkic Republics. A strong Turkey, sincerely

The answer to : Should Turkey join the EU ? is definitely YES. Turkey can contribute to Europe’s necessary eurasian expansion, financial prosperity, energy security, immigration problem , islamophobia problem regional security and ultimate political stability. The addition of Turkey to the EU could make the EU into a more prosperous, giant Eurasian economic alliance that would not only have much more significant economic weight but enough soft power to contribute majorly to world peace. The EU’s borders would expand into the Middle East, Caucusus, Iran and the Central Asia Turkic Republics. A strong Turkey, sincerely backed by an even stronger EU, would allow Turkey to act as a catalyst in forming new economic deals but more importantly, as an intermediary in solving regional disputes. With ongoing disputes and injustice in mainland Europe and it’s neighboring countries, there could never be true economic prosperity, something that the EU was originally created for. Through the assistance of the EU, Turkey would start off by solving the disputes of it’s own neighborhood.

Could one imagine how much better the region would be

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